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Why Your Testosterone Needs A Boost

Why Your Testosterone Needs A Boost

Why Your Testosterone Needs A Boost

Dads, as we get older the testosterone levels naturally start to diminish leading to man boobs and a belly, lack of energy, the urge to cry whenever a slightly emotional TV advert presents itself and even depression.

Testosterone is what makes you a man! Here are 5 top tips you can employ to boost it right now.

Tip #1 Eat More Good Fat

Eating good fats is a major factor in producing optimal levels of testosterone which is also why low fat diets suck! These fats can be found in red meat, avocado, olive oil, almonds, coconut oil, eggs and cheese.

Tip #2 Get More ZZZ’s

Getting enough quality down time is vital to have optimal testosterone levels in the morning when you wake up, between 7-8 hours in fact. Sleeping enough also reduces the amount of stress hormones released which counter act the benefits of testosterone.

Tip #3 Do Full Body Workouts

Working the big major muscles in compound olympic lifts is a great way to shoot up your manly hormones. This hormone response is most effective when using moderate to heavy weights in your workout.

Tip #4 Keep Your Workout Short

Regular endurance training will lower your testosterone levels, which is why we are not big fans of running. This is due to the spike in cortisol which counteracts testosterone when you train for more than an hour, we recommend 30-45 minutes as the optimal training time.

Tip #5 Reduce Your Stress

Stress means one thing, cortisol! This hormone is the stress response to when you are in survival mode, so although sleep and meditation makes a massive difference, work on your mindset to stay in a positive place for more of the day.

It isn’t by coincidence that our 12 week programme focuses around stress reduction techniques, positivity, short intensive workouts and quality nutrition not low fat fad diets, that is what makes us the leading experts for Dads when it comes to transforming your body, health and fitness.

If you want more expert tips on how to improve your health, energy, body and mindset, then click below and check out the Ultimate Dad Podcast 🙂

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