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Why Kettlebells Rock

Why Kettlebells Rock

This is why Kettlebells Rock

Kettlebell training is now more popular than ever, even though it’s an ancient form of training from Russia. The main reason why we believe that kettlebell training is incredible is that it gives you a full body, functional workout in a very short amount of time, meaning you can hit your cardio, conditioning and strength requirements in one go.

Here are 5 more reasons

  1. Kettlebells combine cardiovascular and strength training in one go, meaning you can move around more effectively, whether you are holding a suitcase, your wife in your arms or a baby.
  2. You save you time since they involve major motor movements hitting virtually every muscle, so you have more time to spend with your family and friends, and do more of what you love in your spare time.
  3. These bad boys rip the fat off your body due to their highly metabolic nature, so no more worries when you are topless on holiday… smile, your mrs wants to do a selfie with you.
  4. Kettlebells increase your mental focus as you really don’t want to be mindlessly swinging one around, this helps you to perform better at work, get more done and achieve your goals in life.
  5. Your core will thank you and reward you with a tighter mid-section as every lift engages that area, making it much more effective than doing endless amounts of crunches.

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