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Which Carbs Are Best?

Which Carbs Are Best?

When you want to start a new diet, you immediately think Atkins is the best way, drop the carbs and the weight loss will come. Although we do not promote Atkins since it doesn’t offer enough fibre and is high in saturated fats, this approach can be beneficial but it isn’t sustainable alongside proper exercise.

Carbohydrates are the bodies preferred source of energy and can’t be avoided for extended periods of time, they need to be included in the bigger picture as part of an overall weight loss and long term health plan. Knowing which type of carbohydrates to eat and when can be integral to getting the results you crave.

When eating carbohydrates, you body starts to break them down into usable energy otherwise known as ‘glycogen’, the amount of glycogen and the rate at which it’s levels rise in your blood stream determine how much insulin gets released. If you have been overeating carbohydrates or consuming too many refined sugars (which comes in many forms) then this response can be damaged and this is the first thing that needs to be fixed which is tackled in our 12 week programme otherwise it will be virtually impossible for you to lose fat.

When glycogen raises fast, insulin gets produced to stop your brain being damaged by becoming hyper-glycemic, but there is a big down side to this. Insulin is like a big skip, collecting all of that energy and dumping it into your fat cells! This processed being repeated over and over essentially makes you a fat storing mechanism.

To stop this happening, it is essential to combine protein with carbohydrates at each meal, control your portion sizes and focus on consuming low glycemic load carbohydrates. When having low GI carbs, you blood sugars raise slowly, allowing your body to use that energy and avoid somebody calling the insulin skip patrol.

We recommend eating more fibrous carbohydrates on days when you are less active and more starchy sources when you are moving around a lot more or exercising.

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