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The Weight Loss Trap

The Weight Loss Trap

Do you ever feel like you are retreading old ground with your diet?

I was on the phone to a Dad who wanted me to help him with his diet and he was very motivated to change, but before real change can happen it’s important to understand why the current methods weren’t really working for him anymore.

At the start of the conversation he told me about how good he was during the week, that he didn’t really eat bad food and that he struggled mainly at the weekends.

Let’s delve a little deeper into what happens and the psychology behind why he is stuck in a constant weight loss and weight gain yo-yo.

Over The Weekend

He would essential have what he wanted, no real structure and reward himself for being ‘good’ during the week usually in the form of beers, maybe something sweet, anything goes really.

Sunday Evening

After a weekend of being completely off plan with no real structure, the guilt would set in and there is a moment of realisation that maybe he should have been a little more disciplined.

Monday Morning

The cycle beings again but with a focus to get back quickly to the weight he was prior to over doing it over the weekend, desperate for success he would not eat much at all, not have any fats and try to live on salads and proteins.

Friday Morning

The weight has come off, wohoo! But he is starving because he wasn’t eating enough and relying on will power to keep to the plan even though it isn’t sustainable.

The previous weekend is already forgotten, the guilt, the weight gain, he just wants to eat food that satisfies him and enjoys!

The cycle continues again and again which only makes the situation worse.

Can you relate to this? Crash dieting doesn’t really last, here’s what you should do instead.


Imagine sustainably losing weight every single week for an extended period where 2 lbs loss every week racks up to something substantial which actually stays off, wouldn’t that be great?

That’s exactly why you need to make a lifestyle change which is a commitment to a better quality of life, body, health and confidence for the long haul.

There is nothing worse than remaining on the weight loss merry go round and living your life emotionally by what the scales tell you.

Neither is focusing on short term results because in reality, you aren’t really getting anywhere and the motivation will die, it can even diminish your ability to lose weight in the future making it harder and harder.

If you are currently unhappy with the way you look and feel, possibly even concerned about your health letting you down then something needs to change.

Would you like help implementing a new way to sustainably lose weight, improve your energy, health and body confidence?

If you do, I’d like to offer you a free personal blueprint call, here’s how it works;

– First we will find out what your current challenges are and what is holding you back.

– You’ll receive some helpful insights that will create immediate shifts in your diet, fitness & mindset.

– We’ll review your goals for the next 90 days and discover where you’ll need help.

– Based on the conversation and if we have a good fit, you’ll discover exactly how to reach your goals within 12 weeks.

Sounds good? If you want to take action click PRESS HERE to start your transformation with us.

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