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Putting Yourself First

Putting Yourself First

Do you put your family and their needs first before your own? That makes you a good man!

However, if there is something inside of you that isn’t fulfilled then what is the real cost of this? Remember the time when you first started dating your wife and things were fun? You didn’t have all the responsibilities of running a household and having kids? Maybe you weren’t working so hard?

Sometimes you can get lost along the way and the balance goes in the wrong direction, dragging both you and your loved ones down. Now this may not sit well with you, but listen up…

You HAVE to put yourself FIRST to be able to take care of others and have a fulfilled life.

When you are stressed out, overwhelmed and frustrated because you aren’t exercising or eating properly, not sleeping enough and also working too hard then you are not going to be a fun and loving husband, you won’t show the affection or share the intimacy that you both crave, your ability to communicate and listen will be a struggle, you are not going to have time for your kids and you are certainly not going to be smiling as much! This is your bodies way of pushing things away because YOU need some rest and recuperation.

Think about it, you get to the weekend and instead of going out and being active with your family, you want to relax and spend your time on the couch because your simply need to recover. When you are rested, feeling good and taking time out for yourself, you allow your partner that luxury also and you will be much more fun to be around as a result which can do wonders for your relationship.

Focusing on good health, nutrition and exercise will not only keep you healthy, focused and feeling good but you will have more of a positive mindset which will effect all areas of your life. Wouldn’t that be great?

Dads, take care of yourself, eat well, exercise, sleep early, work less and ultimately be happy. Do not feel guilty about doing something just for you and start to show yourself more kindness because you will become the man you, your wife and your kids want to be as a result.

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