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How Often Should You Really Train?

How Often Should You Really Train

How Often Should You Really Train?

This is a question which comes up all the time and it really depends on your goal, with all of the conflicting advice out there, let us cut through the fluff and give you our personal take on things here.

If we said you had to run 5 days a week, train with weights 3 times per week and follow an extremely strict diet from the get go, you would get results but you would HATE EVERY MINUTE.

Does this sound like something you would realistically be able to stick to time wise let alone keeping motivated?

You can probably answer your own question there…

However, if there was a way that you could get 80% of the results by investing 20% more time into your nutrition, fitness and mindset, would you do it? OF COURSE!

You see, it’s all about training smart and doing the right type of training when you are looking to get fit, burn belly fat and feel healthy. If you are looking to get BIGGER and look like a bodybuilder, ignore this advice below!

So instead of making this all theory, here is some actionable advice for you to implement, and you MUST implement Dads;

  1. Focus on 3 whole body workouts per week for 30-45 minutes instead of doing specific body parts on different days because this burns more calories during the workout and post workout for up to 72 hours whilst your body recovers.
  2. Reduce your carbohydrates and increase the amount of healthy fats and protein in your diet, this will stop your blood sugars being stored as fat due to insulin being constantly secreted from eating excess carbohydrates.
  3. Work on the basics of weight loss and health such as getting 8 hours of sleep per night so your hormones are at optimal levels to burn fat and drink more water to avoid over eating as hunger can often be confused for thirst.


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