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Why Full Body Workouts Rock

Why Full Body Workouts Rock

With all the different training styles, systems and methods available, it’s pretty hard to know where to start. Being a Dad makes you unique and different to a 21 year old who want’s to get big with plenty of time to do it because your needs change as you get older and progress in life.

As Dads, you are probably looking for the following…

  1. A workout that doesn’t mean that you have to go to the gym everyday as you have a job
  2. An effective workout that can save you time so you can be with the family
  3. A targeted programme to shift the belly fat, whilst boosting energy and fitness

The old style of training and that which is still recommended by most run of the mill trainers is to do a body building type split and then cardiovascular sessions afterwards or on different days. As you can see, this is in direct conflict with your goals and needs listed above.

At the same time if you are simply running then you are not maintaining your lean muscle tissue, increasing your cortisol which makes your body more likely to store fat, increasing your appetite and making you more prone to injury.

Full body resistance workouts provide everything you need, by stimulating the full body with little rest, you get your cardiovascular, strength and physical conditioning needs meet in one session, makes more sense right?

The benefit on short intense workouts on your testosterone is huge, meaning you will be boosting your natural ability to burn fat, build lean quality muscle, have more energy, sex drive and get rid of the man boobs.

Outside of your 3 sessions per week, all you need to do is focus on the nutrition side of things and you will reach your goals very quickly like our clients do on our 12 week transformation programme.

How could you condense your training schedule to get more bang for you buck? Whether it’s doing super sets, cutting the rest down or upping the weights, we recommend the hard, fast and quick route for the best all-round response to getting leaner, fitter, stronger and healthier.

If you’d like free coaching on how to improve your health, energy and body confidence then check out The Ultimate Dad Show on YouTube and don’t forget to subscribe, click here to watch now!

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