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Macronutrients: What Are Dieters Doing Wrong?

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Macronutrients: What Are Dieters Doing Wrong?

Being super busy with work and often eating for convenience over health; suddenly you realise that you’ve been neglecting yourself and when it comes to even thinking about going on a diet, it’s easy to jump on the ‘low-carb’ bandwagon for fast results, after you get motivated enough to actually begin of course!

The problem with this is you simply can’t train at a high intensity without eating carbs; unless you like being miserable, tired and maybe a little miffed at the world?

It’s no wonder so many men are confused what to eat and when. When you really boil things down, it comes down to education and understanding the role of food.

Here are 3 of the top mistakes that are commonly made when it comes to your macronutrients!

Mistake #1 You Don’t Fuel Your Workouts

Carbohydrates are the bodies preferred source of energy, a car without fuel isn’t going to run! Increase your complex carbohydrates a few hours before working out as they need time to digest and again around training time and you will benefit from better performance, recovery and mood.

We recommend going for easily digestible sources such as fruit just before training as this boosts your blood sugar enough to get through the session but won’t leave you wider around the mid-section afterwards.

Mistake # 2 You Aren’t Timely 

On the days you are more active, it makes more sense to increase your carbohydrates to give you energy and focus, whilst aiming for more proteins and fats on non-active days.

Carbohydrates are faster burning sources of energy and more readily available for exercise whilst fats are slow burners more suitable to lower intensity/activity level tasks. After a training session, it’s important to restock your glycogen levels and then eat more protein and fats for the rest of the day to maintain stable energy, enhance recovery and allow your body to get stronger, particularly when lifting weights.

Mistake # 3 You Skimp On Fats

Not eating enough fat is the number one reason people end up starving and breaking the diet, the age of low fat diets is now truly dead and dusted due to new research and doctors going back on their word. Fats are essential for energy, optimal testosterone production and feeling satisfied after a meal.

Start eating from more health sources found in fish, nuts and avocados and feel the benefits!

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