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5 Reasons Why You Can’t Lose The Belly

5 Reasons Why You Can't Lose The Belly

5 Reasons Why You Can’t Lose The Belly

Speaking to 100’s of Dads and being one myself, I can honestly say I understand how frustrating it can be to try and lose a few extra pounds because you don’t feel comfortable in your jeans, but for some reason success is very short lived and it’s hard to keep the motivation going when your efforts do not produce results.

If you have tried a diet before and it didn’t work out, it’s likely that it wasn’t sustainable and the answers are not always obvious to the ‘untrained eye’. With the huge surge in new cases of diabetes and heart disease, it’s more important now than ever to start following the right advice to get real, sustainable results.

Reason #1: Your testosterone levels are dropping down

Your natural testosterone levels diminish rapidly as you get older… testosterone governs your energy, muscle mass, sex drive and fat burning. Testosterone levels can be elevated natural by eating the right types of foods such as high zinc sources, good quality fats and working with resistance rather than simply pounding the streets or on the treadmill, in fact endurance training can actually reduce testosterone further which is why it isn’t always the best option to exercise this way.

Reason #2: You are skipping meals because you are busy

Whenever you skip a meal due to being busy, you are lowering your metabolic rate which accounts for 80-90% of the calories you burn for the day, that also explains why keeping active isn’t the answer! Each time you eat, you rev up your natural engine which burns energy, which in turn gives you energy and burns fat. Also, buy skipping meals you put yourself into ‘starvation mode’ which makes your body hold on to fat and risks over eating (usually late at night) since you haven’t had enough to eat that day.

Reason #3: You don’t get your 7-8 hours a night

Lack of sleep is a big problem, whether it is due to work or the kids. People who sleep around 8 hours per night burn 55% more fat during their sleep than lighter snoozers, that is too big of a difference for you to ignore, lack of sleep also leads to less energy for exercise so you won’t be as active and your hormones will send signals to the brain to eat more due to the lack of sleep, leaving you worse off around the love handles.

Reason #4: You are stressed out without knowing it

Having a busy lifestyle is great for making money but bad for your waistline. Stress is a big producer of cortisol, meaning you will store more visceral fat around your gut, this makes it virtually impossible to lose weight due to these hormones! In fact, when stress levels are elevated, your body will do what it needs to to reduce it and help you feel better, this leads to an increase in hunger and the desire to ‘over eat’. The more the cycle happens, the stronger the habit becomes which is why it is so easy to fall into this ‘diet trap’.

Reason #5: You Aren’t Being Consistent With It

Many Dads will be somewhat ‘good’ during the week and then sabotaging themselves on the weekends as a reward, but this approach is going to leave you spinning your wheels due to lack of progress and results.

It’s important to distinguish the difference between living a healthier lifestyle and being restrictive because you are on a diet. Days of the week do not matter to your body, but following something sustainable does since you are much more likely to stay on plan until you reach your goals.

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