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3 Simple Habits That Will Change Your Life

3 Simple Habits That Will Change Your Life

Small little changes to your daily routine are all it takes to create new, positive habits that will change your life. It’s only this week that I was putting off reading a book and when I started and made a plan to read a chapter a day, I soon realised that it wasn’t that big a deal and now I am growing which feels amazing.

Small changes seem so simple that you can almost ask the question ‘what is the point?’ with little value place on the short term results, but the accumulative effect is where the positive impact shows.

Here are 3 simple habits that I highly recommend for any Dad who is looking to get more out of their health, career or relationships.

#1 Engineer A Successful Day

Many people mindlessly attack their day, allowing life to dictate how they feel but that doesn’t have to be the case. If your first thought of the day is ‘I’m tired’ or ‘I have too much to do’ then what sort of day do you think you’ll have? If you want to have a good day, you need to engineer that for yourself through the power of positive perspective. So how is this possible?

5 minutes a day of meditation is enough to increase personal fulfilment, also reducing your stress levels and increasing your energy, mental clarity and mood. As a Dad myself, I find it very useful to have this time just for me to get into a positive headspace before interacting with my family, attacking my work for the day or dealing with life as it present’s itself in a positive manner.

It’s funny because the same event or life experience that happens ‘to you’ can be viewed in so many ways, a piece of bad news can be a positive thing with the right attitude. Like the famous quote ‘if life gives you apples, make apple sauce!’.

#2 Define An Outcome

One of my acting mentors once told me ‘be like a boat floating down the river’ which is great acting advice but not in life if you want to be the driver in your own destiny. Life will take you where it wants and one day you can wake up asking yourself ‘how did I end up here?’. The truth is this, we are always creating for ourselves whether it be a positive or negative outcome, so it’s important to choose where you want to end up at the end of each day.

Many people complain and tell me what they don’t want, but few know what they do want… so make a decision, what goal or achievement would help you move forward in your life? Is it career, health, spiritual or relationship oriented? Decide where you want to improve and then decide on the how, reminding yourself everyday of what your goal is.

If it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind so by revisiting your goals daily you can review at the end of each day and ask yourself ‘did I get closer to achieving this today or not?’.

#3 Get Accountable

Intentions are great, but rarely followed through with unless there is accountability involved. For example, if you don’t show up for work you do not get paid since someone is monitoring you, if you hire a coach and do not show, you’ll have to face that conversation with your coach and deal with your issues. Make sense?

Once you get into a good routine of clearing your head and setting your goals, get accountable with friends, colleagues and loved ones by telling others about your personal goals. If I told you to write on your Facebook profile ‘I am going to lose 5 KG in the next month’ you are probably thinking ‘no way, if I did that and didn’t follow through, it would be embarrassing as I’d look like a failure’ but that is the point! Put yourself in a position where you have to act because if life has shown us anything, we truly find out who we are when the chips are down, our back is against the wall and we have to take action.

Back in 2016 I really struggled with my health because I didn’t use the power of my mind, I relied on fad diets, shakes and gym memberships which do not work if you are not consistent which comes down to how you think and feel, not what services or products you sign up for.


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