Heard Of The S.B Diet?

Have you heard of the S.B Diet?

Chances are… you are already on it.
Or at least have been, I know a lot of people who are on it right now and are struggling to lose weight.
It stands for the ‘standard British diet’ and it’s not particularly healthy either.
The S.B Diet is made up of;
– 60% carbohydrates
– 20% fat
– 20% protein
The issue is that people are confused as to what actually constitutes a healthy diet and the diet above is only suitable for one type of person only…
An ectomorph (someone very skinny) who burns a lot of energy and is training to gain weight.
If you are looking to lose the gut and get your weight down, you pretty much need to ignore most of the commonly given out advice from health professionals.
– Eat plenty of fruit
– Fresh juices
– Low fat products only
– Cereals
Are you doing any of the above? Here is why these will actually make it harder for you to lose weight.
(1) Eat Plenty Of Fruit
Fruit is natures candy, it’s loaded with sugar. Does it have nutrients that are important? yes! Are they low calorie? yes! But it’s still sugar.
The more sugar in your diet, the more you will produce insulin which means you’ll store more fat, by reducing the amount you produce… you will lose weight.
But it’s not just sugar, it’s food which encourage an insulin response that you need to look out for such as brown bread, no healthier than white except a little added fibre but still causes as much of a blood sugar spike as a banana… with only 1 slice!
(2) Fresh Juices
Once again, extremely processed… think about this! If you ate an orange, it would be 1 single orange with around 9g of sugar which is still a lot (2 tea spoons).
How many oranges do you think would go into a glass? I made a fresh juice the other day (after an intense session) and it took more than 5 oranges to fill a small glass. You do the math!
(3) Low Fat Products
Low fat products are the demon of weight loss because they are stripped of it’s original content and then filled with artificial fillers. Remember, a low fat product is modified so do not expect it to be healthy.
The war on fat is a ridiculous one, fat found in real food is a natural part of the diet that we are completely evolved to process without the poor health as some might claim. Also, full fat products are more satisfying which means we will eat less and be more satisfied, making it easier to stick to the diet plan without a blow out.
There is also something to be said about being deficient in essential nutrients even when full, your cells can be hungry for real nutrition even though your belly is fully which increases hunger.
(4) Cereals
Cereal is one thing… a convenience food that people have because of their busy schedules! Did you know a bowl of granola will give you a large dose of sugar and trans fatty acids which both increase the risk of a heart attack.
Plus because of the sugar kick, you’ll crave more so do not be surprised to want to polish off more than one bowl.
The truth is that most people are misinformed when it comes to what it truly means to be healthy and maintain a healthy weight.
The way we live plays a massive factor and definitely works against us, so even though you may be busy it’s important to set a little time aside to make ‘Real Food’ for your family and you so you can all have a better quality of life and maintain a healthy weight.
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