Evolution & Why We Are Destined To Be Overweight

Evolution: Why We Are All Destined To Be Overweight

Up until 10,000 years ago, human beings got their nutritional needs met through hunting and gathering and from scientific research shows meat consumption up until around 2,000,000 years ago.

Fast forward to the age of agriculture and things started to change as we now had a predictable food source which has contributed to the massive growth in the populations of our species where grains, barley and wheat have been available in abundance.

But food hasn’t always been abundant due to the seasons of our planet which means that our bodies became very good at one thing which has been paramount to our survival as a species; the storing of body fat to get us through lean times.

In todays world, we have food available around every single corner and very rarely to we actually become hungry or starved like our ancestors did but the last 10,000 years hasn’t allowed our bodies to catch up to the environment that we now live in, evolution is a very slow process.

That means we have a body that is predisposed to store fat whenever excess energy is consumed to ensure survival and an abundance of calories through the availability of processed foods is ruining our health. If we couple this with the fact that we can drive to work, get an elevator up to our desks and sit down all day, we truly are not working in alignment with how our bodies are destined to work; hunt and gather.

This brings to mind the ‘fish out of water analogy’ which is exactly why there is more disease in our populations that ever before. The fish (humanity) are living in a septic tank (our new environment with poor quality food) which is slowly causing it to die and mutate in unnatural ways.

That isn’t the only gripe, because we have been exposed to heavily processed foods and sugars our bodies are losing the ability to burn fat for fuel becoming a fat storing mechanism which is the leading cause of diabetes and heart disease.

Insulin resistance happens when the cells in the body stop responding to it’s normal functions which are to store glucose for energy for later use, these come from all sources of carbohydrates including fruits, grains, starches, sugar and even vegetables.

You may think you are not at risk but the driving forces to having this issue are excess belly fat (not only obesity), lack of exercise and skipping quality sleep. There is a ‘soft rule’ that if you waist is above 35 inches for a man, you are currently at risk. 


According to Diabetes UK, by 2025 over 5 million people in the UK will have diabetes and 460 people each day die from a heart attack. This brings to mind the importance of consciously taking steps to overcome the challenges of busy lifestyles, eating for convenience and allowing our health to diminish.

So how can you improve your health and waistline to avoid suffering with the above? 

The answer is simple, lose weight and improve the quality of your diet by eating more real food and following an exercise programme that will support your goals.  It’s important to remember that sugar is the main culprit so simply eating more healthy food is not the answer because you can gain weight from any food if the energy consumption exceeds your current level of metabolism.

Calories themselves are not the only thing to take note of but the quality of the calories and also the response you have to those foods to ensure you are able to improve your insulin sensitivity and therefor improve your bodies own ability to burn fat.

How does UDT help to not only burn fat, but improve ones health also?

Our system is one of the only coaching programmes available that focuses on fixing this mechanism, focusing on natural real foods (without any supplements) and building positive habits into your daily life through the unique posting system we use where you are truly accountable to your actions.

This is important because many people make the mistake that they think as long as they know how ‘they can do it alone’ but if you look at the recent finding that over 40% of all doctors are overweight (source: The Five Minute Journal), it clearly shows that knowing isn’t enough.

In todays world, there are more training plans and videos on ‘how to lose weight’ than ever before and yet people are struggling more than ever with their health and weight because they do not have the support or accountability needed to help them develop new habits.

Many of our clients realised that the quick fix mentality was keeping them stuck and in the endless cycle of losing and gaining (more) weight so it came to the point that a lifestyle change was needed to really get the results they wanted, see below.

If you are currently tired of trying diets with no real results and you finally want to get rid of the gut, improve your health and be the role model your family looks up to (because you’ll be helping them too), then apply for 1 of our 10 monthly spots to join the UDT programme and we will help you change your life. 

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