Dieting Hacks: Discover Why You Should Never Eat Bread Again

Dieting Hacks: Discover Why You Should Never Eat Bread Again

Is wheat really that bad for you? The reason I do not recommend wheat in the diet is because it isn’t anywhere near it’s original form from around the 1980’s and causes a whole host of issues that you are about to discover in the next few minutes, it has gone from being a natural, agricultural product to a scientifically engineered one.

One of the first things that I recommend my clients do when they come to me is remove wheat from the diet which gets rid of that ‘bloated belly’ within days, it’s really quite remarkable!

Here are 3 major reasons for concern when it comes to eating wheat;

#1 It can give you man boobs

Did you know that wheat is one of the major causes of obesity in the United States? The reason for this is due to chronic spikes in blood sugar and the hormone ‘insulin’ which leads to fat accumulation. Men generally store fat around the gut which specifically increases estrogen production, a largely contributing factor when it comes to developing fatty deposits around the chest. The accumulation of  visceral fat around the internal organs such as the liver, kidneys, pancreas and intestines is extremely toxic and constantly pumps poisons into the blood stream.

#2 It increases your risk of diabetes

Did you know that one piece of brown toast can boost your blood sugars as much as a banana? The truth is that wheat is loaded with sugar and can lead to diabetes due to the rapid increase in blood sugars which is also the reason a sandwich will leave you half asleep mid-afternoon after your blood sugars tank. Hard to believe? The reality is that white and brown bread are pretty much identical apart from a little extra fiber, so you may as well have a can of coke!

#3 It causes inflammation in the body

If you have every noticed that your face looks a little ‘puffy’ it can be down to the inflammation from eating wheat, but it doesn’t just stop there. Wheat also inflames the inner intestinal walls and causes damage due to the processed nature of bread, this happens when wheat (or grains) are turned into flour which increases it’s glycemic load and inflammatory properties.

You may be wondering about gluten free products, just because a product is labelled as gluten free doesn’t mean it’s wheat free which still brings us back to the same issues as above.

Now of course, the additional side effects are rapid weight gain so if you are looking to keep trim, then avoid having toast in the morning or brown bread sandwiches for lunch! When it comes to your diet and nutrition, it’s best to focus on foods in the whole, natural form because the less processed it is… naturally the better it will be for you.

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