5 Ways To Burn Belly Fat

5 Way To Burn Belly Fat

5 Ways To Burn Belly Fat

Dads, losing the belly is a tough one if you don’t have the right tools and strategies in place, here are 5 things you can implement right away to start shifting the mid-section.

Cut Out The Sugar

Sugar can only be metabolised in the liver in any significant amount, however when the liver is overloaded with sugar it can’t handle it and turns it all into fat, but not just any fat… belly fat according to many scientific studies not to mention the metabolic damage you create also.

Focus On Protein 

To look like a beef cake, you have to eat like one! Protein reduces cravings by up to 60% whilst increasing the metabolism since it takes more energy to break down protein over carbohydrates or fats, there is also the thermic effect of protein which adds an extra calorie burn to digestion.

Reduce Your Carbohydrates

Reducing carbohydrates decreases your appetite so that will lead to weight loss and this is far more effective at burning fat than following a low fat diet promoted by many doctors. In fact, the dangerous fat around your organs and liver is reduced more when following a low carbohydrate diet over anything else, huge bonus for your health!

Eat More Good Fats

Lower fat diets reduce the production of specific hormones that are responsible for burning fat, increasing your metabolism and burning more fat for fuel. By consuming more healthy fats for energy in place of carbohydrates, you will produce less insulin meaning that fat burning is more accessible for the body.

Drink More Water

Hunger is often mistaken for thirst plus the simple act of drinking more water will keep you full between meals, so you are far less likely to over eat when it’s meal time. Simply switching to water instead of other forms of hydration is likely to reduce your energy intake by default, remember water is calorie free so go nuts.

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