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My Story


I had just been blessed with the birth of my second son Marco… but my health, energy and confidence was probably the worst it’s ever been. I found myself prioritising my work over everything else and making excuses to do what I knew I ‘should’ be doing and the result was feeling deeply unhappy with the way I looked and felt, it had a ripple effect on my whole life.

I had to go around ‘sucking it in’ just to try and feel comfortable in public, feel somewhat attractive to my wife since she met me in my ‘better days‘ and I had no energy to spend quality time with the family on weekends since I just wanted to sleep and recover for the stress of long working hours.

I found myself getting increasingly frustrated with my lack of ability to help myself and was becoming more and more negative about it. Everyday I would look at my love handles and belly, which made me feel a little bit lower and it was official, I was right on track to being a middle aged, overweight Dad and quite possibly… not live as long as I’d like to.

One afternoon I was walking up to the newsagents and I heard someone shout ‘Stefano… is that you?‘, it was my old colleague Sonny from the gym I used to work at, I remember his face which was almost in disbelief as to how bad I allowed my body to get (previously being a prime example of health and fitness) and I found myself coming up with excuses about why I didn’t have time to train anymore, that I was busy with work and family life but inside I was embarrassed about the whole situation and in that moment it hit me in the face like a sack of bricks…


I had let myself go and wasn’t the same man my wife met, I got comfortable and my priorities were completely off. I had to take back control of my life so I could actually enjoy being ‘me’ again, I wanted to set a good example for my clients, my kids and myself as it would help me feel more confident. I decided that day that I would stop making excuses and step up, I realised that if I didn’t make a real decision to change, things were only going to get worse and I was missing out on the incredible life I knew I could be living!

I knew that I needed to change my approach as I was no longer a Personal Trainer living in the gym nor was I 21 years old anymore so I started to educate myself again almost becoming obsessed with health and nutrition. I was actually quite surprised to discover that much of the information found on the internet was misleading and common health advice given out by the NHS and doctors was dated and untrue, I had to take full responsibility for my own health so I could get back to my ‘prime’ and feel good.

I started to change my daily habits, began doing short, intensive resistance based workouts (instead of cardio) which gave me more free time to be with my family, I focused on nutrition instead of diets (no more quick fixes) to not only lose weight, but maximise my health and energy. But something was still missing and it became clear that if I wanted to be successful, I had to take on a more positive mindset to ensure I didn’t allow life’s challenges to make me quit when the going got tough or to sabotage my own efforts because I had a bad day or things didn’t go to plan for some reason, so I enrolled in an online course to be a life coach and implemented what I learnt as I went along.

The results were surprising and people started to notice, asking me what it was that I was doing to change so quickly and it quickly became apparent that other people weren’t taking enough action on their desires, following bad advice and were interested in my unique process, so I created a 12 week system out of my own experience and it’s powerfully evolved ever since.

Since 2016, I’ve been super busy exclusively helping working Dads from all over the UK to transform their health, energy and body confidence within 12 weeks without the confusion of diets, constant self-sabotage or spending hours in the gym. My programme and approach to true life changing transformations has helped Dads to lose a significant amount of weight, reduce their diabetes medication, come off statins, overcome anxiety, depression and poor self esteem.

I truly believe that as Ultimate Dads, we should be able to play with our kids until we are old and be an incredible role model, that our wives find us more attractive than anyone else in the world, that we have confidence in ourselves and to walk around without a t-shirt on, that we can kick-butt at work and make more money, be respected by our peers and that our health and energy will always be there to support us.

I also believe that the quality of our lives, the happiness fulfilment and joy we experience is a choice with the right attitude, you can truly achieve anything if you make a decision to change, I know because I have experienced this myself to achieve an incredible marriage, business and life.


I’m Stefano Chiriaco, an award-winning Personal Coach and mentor to 1000’s of Dads and I want to help you to discover a better you and a better life for you and your family. I have had my own TV show on SKY (Kettlebell Training), been mentored by some of the best functional fitness coaches in the world such as Steve Cotter (IKFF) and the late Angie Dowds (The Biggest Loser) and been recognised internationally through my sponsorship and role as ‘Hero & Brand Ambassador’ for Ultimate Sports Nutrition (2009-2011).

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