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Do You Struggle To Be The Best Version Of Yourself?

We’ve all tried the diets that never last…

We’ve all tried the gym memberships that go unused…

We’ve all tried to piece things together with no real plan of action…

And where does that leave you? Spinning your wheels, no lighter, no healthier, no fitter or happier than before.

Not taking care of your physical and emotional health has a detrimental impact your whole life, every single day I see men;

  • Not believing in themselves
  • Lacking in self confidence
  • Having no self esteem
  • Suffering with depression and anxiety
  • Walking into an early grave
  • Losing their relationship
  • Overwhelmed with stress
  • Struggling to be successful
  • Sabotaging themselves
  • Setting a bad example to their kids

I’ve realised that if someone isn’t in the best physical shape or health, it’s because something is out of balance.  Spending a lot of time on my own personal development, it’s inspired me to help other men be the best version of themselves by taking better care of their own physical and mental potential to truly become an Ultimate Dad.

Do you want to know the real reason why so many people fail to achieve their goals?

The obesity epidemic, physical and mental health issues we face as men is not an exercise or diet issue, it’s an issue of not taking care of yourself and making it a priority, most men prioritise their job over their overall health and leaves them struggling, overweight and lacking motivation.

The biggest mistake that I see is not starting that transformation with the right mindset, without the right mindset the results will never last as too many people simply return back to old behaviours and habits due to the pressures of life.

So who do you need to become to truly change the quality of your life? 

Change is challenging and most people will quit because they haven’t upgraded their ability to deal with life challenges. Men with positive mindsets are more committed, resilient and willing to keep going even in the face of adversity which is why this is a unique part of our process.

My experience with coaching 1000’s of people is that most do not even realise that their current thinking and the stories they tell themselves are keeping them stuck and frustrated.

For example if someone believes that ‘they are too old’, ‘will always be big’ ‘nothing really works’ or they ‘simply do not have time’ then how can that person change if they do not actually believe it’s possible? They will ultimately find a way to prove themselves right and it’s usually from giving up too soon.

Instead of asking yourself how many calories to eat or which training plan to follow, ask yourself ‘who do I need to become and what actions do I need to take to change my life?’

Here is the seed that helped create the fire within me to help fathers be better men whilst achieving their own personal goals in life without ever failing again. 

Presenting The UDT Method

My passion to be the best version of myself and becoming an overweight Dad is what started this all which tackles the mind and body in one, making it a unique solution. 

My system is the perfect way to help any Dad become the best physical and mental version of themselves fast!

Since 2016, I’ve been super busy exclusively helping Busy Dads Over 30 To Become Lean, Healthy & Confident Leaders For Their Family… Without Quick Fixes, Endless Supplements Or Hours In The Gym.

I’m not another ‘fitness guru’ trying to make a quick buck or to sell you a quick fix, I am a Dad just like you who understands our unique challenges and how to overcome them and finally win, in fact becoming overweight since getting married and having children has been a blessing because by helping myself it gave me the opportunity to help others change their lifestyle for long term, sustainable results.

The UDT system provides a unique approach to life changing transformation and has helped 100’s of Dads to lose a significant amount of weight, reduce their diabetes medication, come off statins, overcome anxiety, depression and poor self esteem.

I truly believe that as Ultimate Dads and leaders, we should be able to play with our kids until we are old and be an incredible role model, that our wives find us more attractive than anyone else in the world, that we have confidence in ourselves and to walk around without a t-shirt on, that we can kick-butt at work and make more money, be respected by our peers and that our health and energy will always be there to support us.

I also believe that the quality of our lives, the happiness fulfilment and joy we experience is possible as long as we stop making excuses and simply take action using a proven process, you can truly achieve anything if you make a decision to change and I know this because I have experienced this myself to achieve an incredible marriage, business and life.


I’m Stefano Chiriaco, an award-winning Personal Coach and mentor to 1000’s of Dads and I want to help you to discover a better you and a better life for you and your family. I have had my own TV show on SKY (Kettlebell Training), been mentored by some of the best functional fitness coaches in the world such as Steve Cotter (IKFF) and the late Angie Dowds (The Biggest Loser) and been recognised internationally through my sponsorship and role as ‘Hero & Brand Ambassador’ for Ultimate Sports Nutrition (2009-2011).

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