5 Tips To Get Rid Of The Belly & Build A Better Body Fast

5 Tips To Get Rid Of The Belly & Build A Better Body Fast

If you are currently looking to get in shape because you are tired of pulling in your belly when walking around, feeling your belt dig into your stomach and thinking ‘what happened to me?’ then this is the post for you.

Here are 5 simple but proven ways to get better results.


If you want to start and finish something, you better be committed to your goals of you won’t stay the path. Make it something you can’t easily walk away from so go deep and ask yourself, if I do not do something now… what are the consequences of that on my life?

The more it matters, the more action you’ll take!


There are a million ways to do this, count calories, cut carbs, go low fat, fast, the important thing is that you do something you can stick to 7 days a week not Monday to Friday.

I see too many people undo the hard work on the weekends, you can try eating flexible so that’s 80% clean food and 20% ‘dirty’ to start with, that means based on 3 meals a day that’s 21 meals total so that’s 17 clean meals and 4 off plan.

Just remember, keep portion sizes in check always. 


To be healthy, spending less time in a chair is more important than running daily and sitting down for 8 hours. Try to build more general activity into your life such as walking to work by getting off the train a few stops early or parking further away.

Switch to resistance based training and circuits with kettlebells or free weights to build a better body because when dieting, you’ll lose fat and muscle so retaining your lean muscle tissue is important to stop metabolic slow down and weight regain after dieting since 1 lb of muscle burns 50 calories a day.


 The best thing to guarantee results is to be consistent, so training every week without fail is the key to moving forward. That means, shorter more intensive sessions 3 days a week will be easier to stick to when you are busy.

Too many people over commit to a workout schedule and then fall off plan and give up because it genuinely not realistic, don’t make that mistake. Imagine if you just trained 3 days a week for 3-6 months on a consistent basis, where would you be then?


 If you do not believe in yourself or manage your emotions, you’ll soon find yourself making excuses and wanting to give up.

Start your day with 5 mins of deep breathing where you can reduce stress, clear your head and get focused for the day. Then write down your top 3 goals for the day and affirm to yourself that you will complete them.

Another way to stay focused is to monitor progress, this will improve your positivity by seeing changes and if it doesn’t go your way, ask WHY and make the necessary changes to get a better result.

I hope you found this article helpful and if you want to take your results to the next level, PRESS HERE and apply for coaching.

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