Mark Lost 4 Stone Using The UDT System

Mark Lost 4 Stone Using The UDT System, How Did He Do It?

Step 1) He Reached Out

Mark found himself in a situation where his weight was the heaviest it had ever been and was on blood pressure medication.

He could have followed the usual steps, a quick fix, a fad diet, some supplements to ‘solve all his problems’.

He could have exercised more and eat healthy food because he already knew that would help him get started, but he knew that wouldn’t really solve his problem. Why?

Google training or diet plans, you can get this stuff for free and most people are educated enough to know what is ‘good’ and ‘bad’. So why the struggle?

Because the real issue is not a diet or training plan struggle, it’s a lack of consistency, focus, commitment, support & accountability.

So he had an honest conversation with me about why he was really struggling and together we discussed what it would take to really change his life, he has been in shape for over 1 year now.

Step 2) He Made A Real Decision

The new year is full of quick fixes and people buying stuff they have no intention on following through with, in fact just buying something helps emotionally because you ‘took action’ but if you do not really follow through, it’s a waste of money isn’t it?

Change comes from making a REAL decision, a decision to cut off any other possibility but the certainty that things will change moving forward, no matter what it takes.

The ones who succeed are the ones who have total resolve that their new life starts now, even with the challenges that naturally present themselves.

The truth is, if someone is ‘wishy washy’ they will not even get through the door to our premium community and enrol on our programme because it would be a waste of both of our times.

That’s why our clients fully commit to their goals logically and emotionally for a minimum of 12 weeks to ensure results.

Step 3) He Followed A Proven System

If you think the UDT programme is just a bit of exercise and healthy food, you are hugely mistaken. I personally guarantee that is EXACTLY what you will get with 95% of other people offering ‘fitness services’ online, some exercise and some macros/healthy meals.

So what is unique about what we do?

Anyone who is credible, knowledgeable and established will have a process or system that they take every client through.

Over the 16 years in the game, I have refined that process to a simple 3 stage blueprint that virtually ANY dad can follow to get results.

So how would your life change if you knew what to eat, train & think to lose the gut, claim back your health, energy and body confidence?

How much easier would it be to achieve more in just 90 days than most do in 1 year?

How much money, time and energy would you save if you solved all of your problems in a short period of time like this?

Think of how much more motivated you would be by seeing week on week results?

And lastly, wouldn’t it be a hell of a lot easier with some support, genuine accountability (nobody does it the way we do, literally) and mentorship to overcome your challenges?

It would be life changing, because we have taken the ‘fitness game’ to another level and blended it with the power of coaching which is where we excel over all other options.

If you want to get a little fitter and lose a bit of weight, go to YouTube. Will it last? Probably not as FREE is not valued and we pay to pay attention in life.

If you want to transform the quality of your life to be a better man, Dad and finally have the health, energy and body you deserve then there is only one choice.

PRESS HERE to apply for your 90 day transformation now.



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