How To Turn Fat Into Muscle

How To Turn Fat Into Muscle

Many of you will be avoiding weights or not lifting often enough because you don’t want to ‘bulk up’. Did you know that fat takes up much more space than muscle? This means that 5 pounds of fat would be a larger mass than 5 pounds of muscle.

In fact, having more lean muscle tissue is a HUGE factor in leaning down since 1 pound of muscle burns 50 calories per day at rest, meaning your resting metabolic rate significantly increases when you lift plus the ‘after-burn’ effect of the workout burns calories too.

The best way to hit your cardiovascular needs with your muscle building needs is to perform full body workouts with little rest, this will stimulate your whole body leading to a better hormonal response, increase lean muscle tissue and reduce body fat. You simply will not get this from running or using the cross trainer.

Also, avoiding working your legs is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to transforming your body because large compound moves such as squats, deadlifts and cleans create massive surges in growth hormone and testosterone, something which most men lack as they get older. Lack of testosterone leads to low energy, sex drive and mood plus you will have a higher body fat to muscle ratio which promotes having a belly and even man boobs in some cases.

You don’t even have to lift any weights, there simply needs to be resistance in order to stimulate your muscle tissue.

By building lean mass and reducing your body fat, you will have a stronger, more athletic and functional body that looks good too. As a general rule of thumb, remember to up the protein and good fats and reduce the carbohydrates for maximum results.

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