Do You Have Man Boobs? Here is why…

Do You Have Man Boobs? Here Is Why…

Man boobs otherwise known as gynecomastia is enlarged breast tissue and is triggered by a decrease in testosterone in comparison to estrogen, the female hormone.

Here are some of the reasons why you may be suffering from this condition or making it worse;

Abusing alcohol not only gives you a belly but gives you the moobs too, the reason for this that alcohol affects your bodies ability to remove estrogen from the liver, beer in particular is worse due to the compounds in the hops known as phytoestrogens which mimic true estrogen in the human body.

Starving your body by following many of the fad diets out there can also lead to a more feminine chest according to the American Medical Association. This phenomenon happens after the period of starvation, when you start to eat more again which many people do when they rebound after a crash diet.

Lastly, being overweight affects your estrogen to testosterone balance so the condition will only get worse unless you make a firm plan to drop the extra KG’s and boost your muscle to fat ratio.

So how can you turn things around and improve the situation?

The fastest way to improve your testosterone is to lift weights, eat well and burn fat off your body. The easiest way to achieve this is by lifting moderate to heavy weights which use large muscle groups such as squats, deadlifts, rows and presses… this can also be done using kettlebells.

These movements stimulate a strong hormone response which also burn fat as a by product, so you are actually hitting two birds with one stone here. You would also require a properly structured nutrition programme which is essential to long term success in achieving a strong, lean, athletic and masculine body.

Read more about boosting your testosterone in this recent article I published here.

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