Dad Transformation Secrets

Dad Transformation Secrets: How This Dad Transformed At 50 Years Old To Get Back To His Prime With UDT

I often hear about not having time, being too old, nothing seems to work… if you take anything from this post understand it’s just a story you are probably telling yourself. Maybe you’ve been saying it so long you’ve just come to accept it as ‘truth’ when that isn’t the case at all.

If you are looking to dramatically change the way you look and feel, it’s going to take some work to make that happen. Luckily for Nigel, he came across the Ultimate Dad method which has helped him lose 3 stone in just 90 days and get back to better than his prime, increase his overall health stats at the same time such as cholesterol and blood pressure.

So how did he do it?

We go into detail in the video case study below, covering the actual process from (a) to (b) but before we get to that…

The reason I created this post (and video case study below) is because there is too much conflicting information on the internet and sadly, many people are mis-lead because they end up buying the wrong types of programmes and services only to fail. I want to help more dads get clarity on what is actually required to move forward and finally get the results they deserve.

The transformation programmes sold online are pretty useless because they offer no real support, mentorship, community or accountability. Just because you bought a programme from a celebrity coach doesn’t mean you’ll actually be working with them, far from it… that’s why my clients love that they can literally book in coaching calls directly with me and have someone really be there for them to coach them through their challenges (it’s inevitable).

To be blunt, times have changed and information products are a thing of the past. Very rarely do people do anything significant with them because they are all alone, I mean how many times have you bought a book never to read it? There’s always an excuse to put things off until the ‘right time’.

So what do Dads actually need to change?

Let’s be honest here, a diet or training programme is essential to success but it’s also only part of the solution. If a Dad has a significant amount of weight to lose (10KG or more) and they are not able to be consistent, constantly self sabotage, miss work outs and quit whenever it gets hard… guess what?


This is why fitness programmes, gym memberships and apps are a waste of time. I see Dads jump from one quick fix or programme, to the next and to the next without any real lasting change… it’s frustrating I am sure!

Just by following a quality diet, getting more water, sleep and being consistent with it… you’ll be surprised at the level of results that can be achieved without applying any of our advanced techniques to burn fat fast! The main areas needed to be addressed for a nutritional and training plan to be successfully implemented are mindset and also accountability.

A successful mindset includes techniques to reduce stress, anxiety and negative emotions which get in the way of people taking action and also, creating a positive mental environment from within to remain committed, focused and positive.

Think about it, when someone gets into a bad state of mind what happens? They self sabotage! This comes in the form of emotional eating, drinking, skipping workouts or just plain giving up.

The other layer is getting some accountability which can really accelerate results because when someone is watching what you eat and if you train, it almost guarantees that it will happen which is why the programme we run is so successful. In fact, my clients post all of their meals so it’s literally like someone is watching what you eat, regularly take photos, weigh in weekly and keep a training, sleep and water adherence sheet for me to monitor.

So without further ado, we go into a lot more detail in this brand new video case study on how Nigel transformed his body, health and life to be the best version of himself and losing over 3 stone in the process! 

Would you like to get some help in reaching your goals? If you’d like to get results like Nigel did, then visit our application page to find out more and book in for a free consultation to see if we can help. PRESS HERE for more information, thank you.

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