5 Reasons Lifting Is Better Than Cardio

5 Reasons Lifting Is Better Than Cardio

Running and cycling is often regarded as a good way to burn some fat, improve fitness and get into better shape… but the reality is that it just doesn’t compare to lifting when it comes to results, here is why;

(1) Cardio Doesn’t Build Any Notable Muscle!

When you first start out, running and cycling will produce some lean muscle tissue but the body quickly adapts and you’ll hit a plateau very quickly. The benefits moving forward will be primarily focused on your cardiovascular function rather than lean muscle mass which is integral to a better looking body and maintaining lower body fat levels since muscle burns fat and enables you to eat more without gaining  ‘bad weight’ too.

(2) Cardio Doesn’t Increase The Metabolism As Much!

The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you will burn whether you are on the couch, at work or sleeping. By stimulating your muscle tissue, your body will be busy repairing itself after the session, this consumes a lot of energy which burns calories in fact, 1 pound of lean muscle tissue burns 50 calories a day meaning that an extra 7 pounds will burn 2450 calories a week which would require approx 5 hours of running at an average speed.

(3) Cardio Doesn’t Enhance Your Hormonal Balance!

Testosterone is important in men for good levels of energy, sex drive, muscle mass and even mood! This is predominantly enhanced from lifting weights not cardio. In fact research shows that endurance training increases cortisol which works in direct conflict with testosterone and is even more damaging in highly stressed individuals, promoting fat storage around the stomach and inflammation within the body.

(4) Cardio Doesn’t Make You Injury Proof!

The repetitive strain of running and cycling are perfect conditions for long term injuries which many people suffer from, especially with age as the risk of over training increases. Lifting reduces risk of injury and strengthens the joints which actually support running and cycling if you chose to do these activities, promoting a safer and more balanced approach to fitness.

(5) Cardio Doesn’t Help Your Stress Levels!

As a busy Dad with a lot of responsibilities, it’s important to manage stress levels as this can literally shorten your life. The international Journal Of Sports Medicine shows that individuals who lifted for 2 weeks significantly reduced cortisol in the body and the endorphins make you feel good too!

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