3 Tips To Be The Ultimate Fit Dad

3 Tips To Be The Ultimate Fit Dad

Being a Dad is full of responsibility as you are working hard for the family whilst trying your best to be a good father and husband, the problem is it’s too easy to let your health slip by the wayside.

This means you aren’t going to be feeling good about who you are and the thought of getting started can be overwhelming.

Here are 3 top tips to get you back into shape and feeling good again!

Top Tip 1 – Make a realistic plan of action 

Many of you will fail before you even get started because when making decisions, you only think of the positive benefits and not the investment. Take going to the gym for example, are you prepared to get up stupidly early before work? after work will you be too tired to travel? will your kids commitments get in the way?

If you don’t make a realistic plan, you have already set yourself up for failure. Instead ask yourself how many times a week can you realistically train, for how long, where will it be and are you really prepared to do it? Start small and build up later.

Top Tip 2 – Speak to your partner about making changes

When going through a transformation of any sort, you really do need support around you. If you are eating lean protein with salads every night and the mrs is still eating cookies washed down with a glass of wine, it will be harder, not impossible, but harder for you to break through.

Have a conversation with your other half, ask for her support and tell her that it would mean the world to you if she did it with you so you can both be healthier, set a good example for the kids and feel good. Word of warning, approach this delicately as she may think you are secretly trying to make her lose weight!

Top Tip 3 – Organise your diary and commit 

Once you know what you are going to do and how you are going to do it, plus you have created a positive environment within your home for change, you need to make a plan.

Put these sessions in your diary along with an alarm and ask that your wife honours your new schedule as you are serious about making changes that will benefit both of you in the long run.

It is also important that you stick to your own word, so make sure you set some sort term weight loss goals and a reward for you to enjoy every 3-4 weeks such as a romantic meal out.

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