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The Truth About Fats, Carbs, Performance & Weight Loss

If you are looking to lose body fat, the body needs to become good at using fat for fuel and this is largely dictated by your food choices, NOT the calories you consume.

If you are looking to optimise your body and train effectively, you need to be able to effectively use carbohydrates for fuel, but a high carb diet is not good for weight loss.

Can you see the conflict here?

Higher fat diets are great for getting your body to burn fat for fuel and although it works well, it’s not sustainable nor healthy.

Why? Because vowing to never eat fruit or starch again is very unlikely to happen, you’ll be missing out on vital nutrients for optimal health and it can really mess up your hormones!

In fact, keto diets over extended periods have been shown in multiple studies to WRECK the normal function of the thyroid gland and training intensively on this type of diet can cause further stress and damage. So what does that mean?

The metabolism will drop down and it becomes harder to lose weight.

Anything that you start which can’t be maintained is a waste of time in my opinion because it’s not a lifestyle change.

So what’s the answer? My clients use a hybrid version where they can burn fat for fuel and carbs for energy, at the same time!

That means they can eat from ALL food groups making it sustainable, which is why we have clients maintaining their bodyfat levels for around 2 years now since UDT started.

The answer is called ‘The Lean Dad Blueprint’ and it’s a 5 step system.

Step 1 – We get them to follow a clean diet with just REAL FOOD (JERF) which automatically removes all added sugars, trans fats, high salt and ‘fake food’ from their diet, this step alone has helped people lose 5-8KG alone without following any ‘diet’.

Step 2 – We reset the leptin & insulin functions by healing the process of insulin resistance that many people suffer with due to high sugar, processed diets. Without doing this, counting calories or not, it will be near impossible to effectively burn fat. This process also allows for ‘better use’ of carbohydrate for energy without automatically storing it as fat.

Step 3 – We then use a rotational system to ensure the diet doesn’t plateau out by constantly changing the types and amounts of foods eaten every 4-7 days so the body doesn’t adapt to the diet. This pretty much goes against every ounce of traditional dieting advice given by health professionals who actually promote starvation and calorie restriction, but the body works against this by making it harder to lose weight or worse… burning off precious muscle tissue.

Step 4 – We then optimise athletic performance by giving people more energy rich foods at the perfect times of day to exercise harder and more effectively, whilst continuing to lose body fat. If you rely on fats for fuel when doing high intensity exercise, you’ll very quickly lose steam so there are times where you need to be able to burn sugar and carbs for fuel to get the most out of your sessions or you’ll struggle to burn fat and build a better body.

Step 5 – This is about retention of results, this is where ALL diets fail… but not with UDT. At this point, you’ll be able to effectively burn fat for fuel, carbs for fuel (without weight gain) and follow a more balanced approach where you do not gain the weight back that you’ve lost. This is why our system is sustainable.

The truth is, you can’t and won’t find this way of working anywhere else because it’s unique and an accumulation of more than 16 years, real life working experience with clients and producing body transformations.

If you’d like to implement ‘The Lean Dad Blueprint’ along with the full ‘UDT Method’ which delivers 10KG + in sustainable weight loss, better energy and health and getting you back to your prime again, PRESS HERE to apply now to see if we can help.

How Men Over 30 Should Lose Weight

How Men Over 30 Should Lose Weight

The dreaded man boobs, the stubborn love handles and the big old belly, yes that was me!

I would wake up every single Monday with a new sense of renewal only to be disappointed every Sunday evening with my weekend warrior mentality to drinking and eating food, it’s my way of letting loose after the stressful week.

But what about when that is the same double edged sword that keeps you unhappy too?

It’s frustrating that as you age, it becomes more difficult to have a good body and the fat burning metabolism goes downhill mainly due to a loss of muscle mass and a decrease in testosterone.

That is why men need to train differently with age, this article is not going to cover every facet but some pretty major ones. 


Many Dads focus on cardio just for a general sense of wellness, fitness, energy and a smaller belly, but that’s a big mistake. As we age, we tend to lose muscle mass and for every single pound lost, we burn 350 calories a week less, that’s big!

Running for extended periods produces a lot of cortisol which destroys muscle mass and it’s quite detrimental to the body placing a lot of stress on the joints and back, did you know that over 4,984 people who took part in the London Marathon had to receive medical assistance in the year 2000?

In fact holding onto lean muscle mass keeps your injury free, improves your quality of life as you age and allows for more food to be enjoyed without gaining additional pounds around the waistline. That’s why our programmes are based around resistance rather than cardio which is exactly how an older man should exercise and it’s how I turned my life around.


To combat a declining metabolism, protein can actually help accelerate it as it burns more energy to digest than fat or carbohydrate does. Interesting right?

When you are eating less calories than you require to maintain your weight, whether you count calories or use a habit based eating style like in our 12 week programme, protein consumption becomes even more important to prevent muscle loss.

In fact, you need more protein when losing weight than when you are focusing on muscle building style workouts for that very reason, around 2g per kg of bodyweight should suffice. Protein’s thermic effect means you’ll burn additional calories just through digestion.

Also, protein is very satiating which means you’ll feel fuller and are less likely to cheat on your healthy lifestyle plans.


As a single man, it’s easy to dedicate your life to the gym but as a family man with work commitments, it’s not as simple as that. An hour weights followed by 30 minutes of cardio won’t last long as it’s not recommend for results.

I recommend focusing on less exercise because it’s sustainable, can be worked in around a busy lifestyle for around 30 mins 3 days a week and it’s actually better for you because your ability to recover from exercise as you age decreases and you are more injury prone.

Short fully body sessions which involve major muscle groups such as squats (rather than situps) will promote a healthier growth hormone and testosterone response in your body. Resistance training is great for increasing the amount of energy you burn post workout and also improving your insulin response to food which means a better capacity to use carbohydrate for fuel rather than storing it around the gut.

My clients sessions are high quality because they are functional (meaning they can use their strength and ability in real life), resistance based (to maintain lean muscle) and high intensity (which engages cardio fitness), all in 30 minutes! David James lost 32.5lbs using this method; 


Health is also an important factor when it comes to weight loss and many Dads come to me because they are concerned about diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, here’s the facts.

You can do an hours training every day in the gym, then sit at a desk all day and not reduce your risk of death, scary and hard to believe? Studies show that the amount of time spent in a chair has more of an impact on how long you’ll live over the amount of exercise you do.

That is why I recommend staying active as possible by walking more and also increasing the amount of energy you burn per day to combat a declining metabolic rate. If you’d like to lose the gut, reduce your love handles and get in shape to feel good at work and around your family, check out the case study video below. 

Mark Lost 4 Stone Using The UDT System

Mark Lost 4 Stone Using The UDT System, How Did He Do It?

Step 1) He Reached Out

Mark found himself in a situation where his weight was the heaviest it had ever been and was on blood pressure medication.

He could have followed the usual steps, a quick fix, a fad diet, some supplements to ‘solve all his problems’.

He could have exercised more and eat healthy food because he already knew that would help him get started, but he knew that wouldn’t really solve his problem. Why?

Google training or diet plans, you can get this stuff for free and most people are educated enough to know what is ‘good’ and ‘bad’. So why the struggle?

Because the real issue is not a diet or training plan struggle, it’s a lack of consistency, focus, commitment, support & accountability.

So he had an honest conversation with me about why he was really struggling and together we discussed what it would take to really change his life, he has been in shape for over 1 year now.

Step 2) He Made A Real Decision

The new year is full of quick fixes and people buying stuff they have no intention on following through with, in fact just buying something helps emotionally because you ‘took action’ but if you do not really follow through, it’s a waste of money isn’t it?

Change comes from making a REAL decision, a decision to cut off any other possibility but the certainty that things will change moving forward, no matter what it takes.

The ones who succeed are the ones who have total resolve that their new life starts now, even with the challenges that naturally present themselves.

The truth is, if someone is ‘wishy washy’ they will not even get through the door to our premium community and enrol on our programme because it would be a waste of both of our times.

That’s why our clients fully commit to their goals logically and emotionally for a minimum of 12 weeks to ensure results.

Step 3) He Followed A Proven System

If you think the UDT programme is just a bit of exercise and healthy food, you are hugely mistaken. I personally guarantee that is EXACTLY what you will get with 95% of other people offering ‘fitness services’ online, some exercise and some macros/healthy meals.

So what is unique about what we do?

Anyone who is credible, knowledgeable and established will have a process or system that they take every client through.

Over the 16 years in the game, I have refined that process to a simple 3 stage blueprint that virtually ANY dad can follow to get results.

So how would your life change if you knew what to eat, train & think to lose the gut, claim back your health, energy and body confidence?

How much easier would it be to achieve more in just 90 days than most do in 1 year?

How much money, time and energy would you save if you solved all of your problems in a short period of time like this?

Think of how much more motivated you would be by seeing week on week results?

And lastly, wouldn’t it be a hell of a lot easier with some support, genuine accountability (nobody does it the way we do, literally) and mentorship to overcome your challenges?

It would be life changing, because we have taken the ‘fitness game’ to another level and blended it with the power of coaching which is where we excel over all other options.

If you want to get a little fitter and lose a bit of weight, go to YouTube. Will it last? Probably not as FREE is not valued and we pay to pay attention in life.

If you want to transform the quality of your life to be a better man, Dad and finally have the health, energy and body you deserve then there is only one choice.

PRESS HERE to apply for your 90 day transformation now.



Dad Transformation Secrets

Dad Transformation Secrets: How This Dad Transformed At 50 Years Old To Get Back To His Prime With UDT

I often hear about not having time, being too old, nothing seems to work… if you take anything from this post understand it’s just a story you are probably telling yourself. Maybe you’ve been saying it so long you’ve just come to accept it as ‘truth’ when that isn’t the case at all.

If you are looking to dramatically change the way you look and feel, it’s going to take some work to make that happen. Luckily for Nigel, he came across the Ultimate Dad method which has helped him lose 3 stone in just 90 days and get back to better than his prime, increase his overall health stats at the same time such as cholesterol and blood pressure.

So how did he do it?

We go into detail in the video case study below, covering the actual process from (a) to (b) but before we get to that…

The reason I created this post (and video case study below) is because there is too much conflicting information on the internet and sadly, many people are mis-lead because they end up buying the wrong types of programmes and services only to fail. I want to help more dads get clarity on what is actually required to move forward and finally get the results they deserve.

The transformation programmes sold online are pretty useless because they offer no real support, mentorship, community or accountability. Just because you bought a programme from a celebrity coach doesn’t mean you’ll actually be working with them, far from it… that’s why my clients love that they can literally book in coaching calls directly with me and have someone really be there for them to coach them through their challenges (it’s inevitable).

To be blunt, times have changed and information products are a thing of the past. Very rarely do people do anything significant with them because they are all alone, I mean how many times have you bought a book never to read it? There’s always an excuse to put things off until the ‘right time’.

So what do Dads actually need to change?

Let’s be honest here, a diet or training programme is essential to success but it’s also only part of the solution. If a Dad has a significant amount of weight to lose (10KG or more) and they are not able to be consistent, constantly self sabotage, miss work outs and quit whenever it gets hard… guess what?


This is why fitness programmes, gym memberships and apps are a waste of time. I see Dads jump from one quick fix or programme, to the next and to the next without any real lasting change… it’s frustrating I am sure!

Just by following a quality diet, getting more water, sleep and being consistent with it… you’ll be surprised at the level of results that can be achieved without applying any of our advanced techniques to burn fat fast! The main areas needed to be addressed for a nutritional and training plan to be successfully implemented are mindset and also accountability.

A successful mindset includes techniques to reduce stress, anxiety and negative emotions which get in the way of people taking action and also, creating a positive mental environment from within to remain committed, focused and positive.

Think about it, when someone gets into a bad state of mind what happens? They self sabotage! This comes in the form of emotional eating, drinking, skipping workouts or just plain giving up.

The other layer is getting some accountability which can really accelerate results because when someone is watching what you eat and if you train, it almost guarantees that it will happen which is why the programme we run is so successful. In fact, my clients post all of their meals so it’s literally like someone is watching what you eat, regularly take photos, weigh in weekly and keep a training, sleep and water adherence sheet for me to monitor.

So without further ado, we go into a lot more detail in this brand new video case study on how Nigel transformed his body, health and life to be the best version of himself and losing over 3 stone in the process! 

Would you like to get some help in reaching your goals? If you’d like to get results like Nigel did, then visit our application page to find out more and book in for a free consultation to see if we can help. Click here for more information or on the banner below, thank you.

5 Reasons Lifting Is Better Than Cardio

5 Reasons Lifting Is Better Than Cardio

Running and cycling is often regarded as a good way to burn some fat, improve fitness and get into better shape… but the reality is that it just doesn’t compare to lifting when it comes to results, here is why;

(1) Cardio Doesn’t Build Any Notable Muscle!

When you first start out, running and cycling will produce some lean muscle tissue but the body quickly adapts and you’ll hit a plateau very quickly. The benefits moving forward will be primarily focused on your cardiovascular function rather than lean muscle mass which is integral to a better looking body and maintaining lower body fat levels since muscle burns fat and enables you to eat more without gaining  ‘bad weight’ too.

(2) Cardio Doesn’t Increase The Metabolism As Much!

The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you will burn whether you are on the couch, at work or sleeping. By stimulating your muscle tissue, your body will be busy repairing itself after the session, this consumes a lot of energy which burns calories in fact, 1 pound of lean muscle tissue burns 50 calories a day meaning that an extra 7 pounds will burn 2450 calories a week which would require approx 5 hours of running at an average speed.

(3) Cardio Doesn’t Enhance Your Hormonal Balance!

Testosterone is important in men for good levels of energy, sex drive, muscle mass and even mood! This is predominantly enhanced from lifting weights not cardio. In fact research shows that endurance training increases cortisol which works in direct conflict with testosterone and is even more damaging in highly stressed individuals, promoting fat storage around the stomach and inflammation within the body.

(4) Cardio Doesn’t Make You Injury Proof!

The repetitive strain of running and cycling are perfect conditions for long term injuries which many people suffer from, especially with age as the risk of over training increases. Lifting reduces risk of injury and strengthens the joints which actually support running and cycling if you chose to do these activities, promoting a safer and more balanced approach to fitness.

(5) Cardio Doesn’t Help Your Stress Levels!

As a busy Dad with a lot of responsibilities, it’s important to manage stress levels as this can literally shorten your life. The international Journal Of Sports Medicine shows that individuals who lifted for 2 weeks significantly reduced cortisol in the body and the endorphins make you feel good too!

If you’d like a complete system on how to transform your health, energy, body, fitness and life within 12 weeks like Steven below and 100’s of other Dads, then check out my 12 week transformation programme by clicking here!

How To Turn Fat Into Muscle

How To Turn Fat Into Muscle

Many of you will be avoiding weights or not lifting often enough because you don’t want to ‘bulk up’. Did you know that fat takes up much more space than muscle? This means that 5 pounds of fat would be a larger mass than 5 pounds of muscle.

In fact, having more lean muscle tissue is a HUGE factor in leaning down since 1 pound of muscle burns 50 calories per day at rest, meaning your resting metabolic rate significantly increases when you lift plus the ‘after-burn’ effect of the workout burns calories too.

The best way to hit your cardiovascular needs with your muscle building needs is to perform full body workouts with little rest, this will stimulate your whole body leading to a better hormonal response, increase lean muscle tissue and reduce body fat. You simply will not get this from running or using the cross trainer.

Also, avoiding working your legs is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to transforming your body because large compound moves such as squats, deadlifts and cleans create massive surges in growth hormone and testosterone, something which most men lack as they get older. Lack of testosterone leads to low energy, sex drive and mood plus you will have a higher body fat to muscle ratio which promotes having a belly and even man boobs in some cases.

You don’t even have to lift any weights, there simply needs to be resistance in order to stimulate your muscle tissue.

By building lean mass and reducing your body fat, you will have a stronger, more athletic and functional body that looks good too. As a general rule of thumb, remember to up the protein and good fats and reduce the carbohydrates for maximum results.

If you’d like help on how to transform your health, energy and body confidence then I’d highly recommend joining my free Facebook community here.

Why Full Body Workouts Rock

Why Full Body Workouts Rock

With all the different training styles, systems and methods available, it’s pretty hard to know where to start. Being a Dad makes you unique and different to a 21 year old who want’s to get big with plenty of time to do it because your needs change as you get older and progress in life.

As Dads, you are probably looking for the following…

  1. A workout that doesn’t mean that you have to go to the gym everyday as you have a job
  2. An effective workout that can save you time so you can be with the family
  3. A targeted programme to shift the belly fat, whilst boosting energy and fitness

The old style of training and that which is still recommended by most run of the mill trainers is to do a body building type split and then cardiovascular sessions afterwards or on different days. As you can see, this is in direct conflict with your goals and needs listed above.

At the same time if you are simply running then you are not maintaining your lean muscle tissue, increasing your cortisol which makes your body more likely to store fat, increasing your appetite and making you more prone to injury.

Full body resistance workouts provide everything you need, by stimulating the full body with little rest, you get your cardiovascular, strength and physical conditioning needs meet in one session, makes more sense right?

The benefit on short intense workouts on your testosterone is huge, meaning you will be boosting your natural ability to burn fat, build lean quality muscle, have more energy, sex drive and get rid of the man boobs.

Outside of your 3 sessions per week, all you need to do is focus on the nutrition side of things and you will reach your goals very quickly like our clients do on our 12 week transformation programme.

How could you condense your training schedule to get more bang for you buck? Whether it’s doing super sets, cutting the rest down or upping the weights, we recommend the hard, fast and quick route for the best all-round response to getting leaner, fitter, stronger and healthier.

If you’d like free coaching on how to improve your health, energy and body confidence then check out The Ultimate Dad Show on YouTube and don’t forget to subscribe, click here to watch now!

3 Tips To Be The Ultimate Fit Dad

3 Tips To Be The Ultimate Fit Dad

Being a Dad is full of responsibility as you are working hard for the family whilst trying your best to be a good father and husband, the problem is it’s too easy to let your health slip by the wayside.

This means you aren’t going to be feeling good about who you are and the thought of getting started can be overwhelming.

Here are 3 top tips to get you back into shape and feeling good again!

Top Tip 1 – Make a realistic plan of action 

Many of you will fail before you even get started because when making decisions, you only think of the positive benefits and not the investment. Take going to the gym for example, are you prepared to get up stupidly early before work? after work will you be too tired to travel? will your kids commitments get in the way?

If you don’t make a realistic plan, you have already set yourself up for failure. Instead ask yourself how many times a week can you realistically train, for how long, where will it be and are you really prepared to do it? Start small and build up later.

Top Tip 2 – Speak to your partner about making changes

When going through a transformation of any sort, you really do need support around you. If you are eating lean protein with salads every night and the mrs is still eating cookies washed down with a glass of wine, it will be harder, not impossible, but harder for you to break through.

Have a conversation with your other half, ask for her support and tell her that it would mean the world to you if she did it with you so you can both be healthier, set a good example for the kids and feel good. Word of warning, approach this delicately as she may think you are secretly trying to make her lose weight!

Top Tip 3 – Organise your diary and commit 

Once you know what you are going to do and how you are going to do it, plus you have created a positive environment within your home for change, you need to make a plan.

Put these sessions in your diary along with an alarm and ask that your wife honours your new schedule as you are serious about making changes that will benefit both of you in the long run.

It is also important that you stick to your own word, so make sure you set some sort term weight loss goals and a reward for you to enjoy every 3-4 weeks such as a romantic meal out.

Finally Revealed: Discover the proven blueprint UK Dads are using to transform their health & body confidence within 12 weeks, click below to get this free training now!

Do You Have Man Boobs? Here is why…

Do You Have Man Boobs? Here Is Why…

Man boobs otherwise known as gynecomastia is enlarged breast tissue and is triggered by a decrease in testosterone in comparison to estrogen, the female hormone.

Here are some of the reasons why you may be suffering from this condition or making it worse;

Abusing alcohol not only gives you a belly but gives you the moobs too, the reason for this that alcohol affects your bodies ability to remove estrogen from the liver, beer in particular is worse due to the compounds in the hops known as phytoestrogens which mimic true estrogen in the human body.

Starving your body by following many of the fad diets out there can also lead to a more feminine chest according to the American Medical Association. This phenomenon happens after the period of starvation, when you start to eat more again which many people do when they rebound after a crash diet.

Lastly, being overweight affects your estrogen to testosterone balance so the condition will only get worse unless you make a firm plan to drop the extra KG’s and boost your muscle to fat ratio.

So how can you turn things around and improve the situation?

The fastest way to improve your testosterone is to lift weights, eat well and burn fat off your body. The easiest way to achieve this is by lifting moderate to heavy weights which use large muscle groups such as squats, deadlifts, rows and presses… this can also be done using kettlebells.

These movements stimulate a strong hormone response which also burn fat as a by product, so you are actually hitting two birds with one stone here. You would also require a properly structured nutrition programme which is essential to long term success in achieving a strong, lean, athletic and masculine body.

Read more about boosting your testosterone in this recent article I published here.

Why Your Testosterone Needs A Boost

Why Your Testosterone Needs A Boost

Why Your Testosterone Needs A Boost

Dads, as we get older the testosterone levels naturally start to diminish leading to man boobs and a belly, lack of energy, the urge to cry whenever a slightly emotional TV advert presents itself and even depression.

Testosterone is what makes you a man! Here are 5 top tips you can employ to boost it right now.

Tip #1 Eat More Good Fat

Eating good fats is a major factor in producing optimal levels of testosterone which is also why low fat diets suck! These fats can be found in red meat, avocado, olive oil, almonds, coconut oil, eggs and cheese.

Tip #2 Get More ZZZ’s

Getting enough quality down time is vital to have optimal testosterone levels in the morning when you wake up, between 7-8 hours in fact. Sleeping enough also reduces the amount of stress hormones released which counter act the benefits of testosterone.

Tip #3 Do Full Body Workouts

Working the big major muscles in compound olympic lifts is a great way to shoot up your manly hormones. This hormone response is most effective when using moderate to heavy weights in your workout.

Tip #4 Keep Your Workout Short

Regular endurance training will lower your testosterone levels, which is why we are not big fans of running. This is due to the spike in cortisol which counteracts testosterone when you train for more than an hour, we recommend 30-45 minutes as the optimal training time.

Tip #5 Reduce Your Stress

Stress means one thing, cortisol! This hormone is the stress response to when you are in survival mode, so although sleep and meditation makes a massive difference, work on your mindset to stay in a positive place for more of the day.

It isn’t by coincidence that our 12 week programme focuses around stress reduction techniques, positivity, short intensive workouts and quality nutrition not low fat fad diets, that is what makes us the leading experts for Dads when it comes to transforming your body, health and fitness.

If you want more expert tips on how to improve your health, energy, body and mindset, then click below and check out the Ultimate Dad Podcast 🙂

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