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Are You Struggling To Lose The Gut, Man Boobs & Love Handles?
Before you scroll down and you discover the step by step method that has not only helped me change my life but 100's of Dads around the UK, I've got some important questions to ask you so please pay attention as it could change your life...

✔️ Do you want to lose more than 10 KG and are struggling to get motivated to do it?

✔️ Do you lack energy to perform in your job role or the fitness to be active with your kids?

✔️ Do you feel you lack in confidence and are even a little embarrassed with your top off?

✔️ Are you concerned about your health in the future and need to do something about it now?

✔️ Do you unhappy with your physical appearance which affects your mindset and emotions?

✔️ Do you feel like a shadow of your former self and want to take back control of your life?

If you said 'YES' to any of the above, then you'll want to implement 'The Ultimate Dad Method' into your life, but first...

Let Me Briefly Introduce Myself
I'm Stefano Chiriaco also known as 'The Dads Coach' and creator of the UK's #1 online transformation programme for Dads which has changed 100's of lives already, as you'll see below the results have been phenomenal (this page is full of proof).
I am also a proud husband to Rita and father of 2 little dudes, Dominic and Marco so I know the struggles of juggling work, family time and personal goals which can be challenging... especially if you haven't got the right tools.
Apart from 15 + successful years in the industry, I was awarded as Great Britain's Official Personal Trainer Of The Year, have presented for SKY TV, been sponsored by an international sports brand (USN) and have featured in close to EVERY mainstream magazine (some proof below) you can think of for my professionalism, excellence and transformations...
The Reason Why 97% Of Dads Fail To Transform
Did you know according to a Harvard study only 3% of people achieve their long term goals and only 8% of people keep their new year resolutions? Let's be honest about something here...

Change is challenging and very few people actually follow through with their decisions to become a better, healthier and happier version of themselves. Consistently making the wrong choices when it comes to diet, lifestyle factors, sleep and physical activity is becoming a serious problem.

Most people know that big portions, bad food, alcohol and not exercising is not good for them, yet they continue to indulge in these bad habits or they chase quick fixes that don’t last for more than a few weeks.

Despite the fact that we now have access to more information than ever thanks to the internet on how to solve our problems and doctors telling people what to do, there is a growing health epidemic that is desperate for a real solution and here's why you should consider taking action.

❌ Diabetes is up by 65% in the UK and 80% of sufferers are on medication for life leading to damage of internal organs, loss of 'mojo' and doubling the risk of a heart attack.

❌ Over 90,000 people per year die from a heart attack, in fact visceral fat between the organs is a hidden risk releasing toxins in the body even if you aren't seriously overweight. 

❌ As you get older, it get's harder and harder to lose weight due to diminishing male hormones and loss of muscle mass, so if you are concerned about increasing weight, it could be time for a change.

As you can see, it's important to value your health and not put off the decision to change because the most important person in your life is you, not your job, finances or anything else for that matter. 

If you want to live a long life free of chronic disease, see your kids grow up and have energy to enjoy them, perform better at work, in your relationships and in life then the time is now.

The problem is most Dads fall into 3 mind-sets, are you one of them?

1) You make a plan to start, but keeping saying "I'll start tomorrow" and weeks, months and years go by whilst your waistline increases, becoming fearful of stepping on the scales.

2) You make a start, but then give up due to life getting busy, hitting a plateau or losing motivation due to lack of results, left feeling frustrated and unhappy. This also commonly happens when using unsustainable, FAD type diets.

3) You lose weight initially but then get comfortable and take your foot off the gas because nobody is holding you accountable to your actions and you haven't made a real commitment to your goals.

If anyone understands, it's me (pictured below). After my life fell apart and I gained more than 10 KG due to living an unhealthy lifestyle, I decided to take action and by documenting my process over 90 days, I created a system that's helped 100's of Dads get back to their prime (there is a LOT of proof below). 
Discover The Unique & Proven Method To Transform The Dad Bod In Just 90 Days... Guaranteed!
We Will Hold You Accountable To Your Actions And Help You To Implement The Above System Using 6 Key Areas Of Focus
Discover how to get your cardio, muscle conditioning and fat burning needs met in one single 30 minute session, 3 days a week!

You'll also benefit from enhanced testosterone production, a faster metabolic rate and better weight management, long term.

You won't have to do any long cardio sessions or spend your life in the gym when you follow this protocol which is sustainable around family and work life.
A unique step by step blueprint to a healthier, leaner and more energetic you without any of the FAD diets commonly used! 

We will show you which foods you need to focus on within our 'real food' system and how to lose weight sustainably every single week without hitting the plateau. 

This method requires no calorie counting or weighing of food which makes it easy to follow around a busy schedule.
Get into the right 'head space' to ensure you are committed from within to guarantee your success on your transformation.

We will show you how to organise your schedule, set goals effectively and create a morning routine to reduce stress, overwhelm, anxiety, negativity and self sabotage.

You'll also create new beliefs about what is possible to remain commitment, focused and motivated to change your life.
Weekly LIVE PT sessions around the structured programme to get out of the comfort zone and train with others. 

LIVE Q&A sessions with coach Stefano and dedicated life coaching sessions on any area of your life, unique to Ultimate Dad!

Fresh 'Masterclass' content posted weekly to keep you learning and engaged.

Personal support on any area which needs addressing to finally get the help and guidance you need to thrive and succeed!
To ensure you follow through with the programme, there is a weekly 'check in' to weigh in and keep accountable.

We also check sessions completed and give direct feedback and support on results whether it's a congratulations or some guidance.

Main meals are posted under 'food posts' in to ensure you are following the plan and keeping you accountable to the food you eat. 

This has been hugely successful for our clients and you won't get this anywhere else! 
Be part of a committed community of Dads who are there to support you, inspire you and push you to the next level.

Your peer group is your 'home' where people get you, there is no judgement here and only other Dads just like you want you to win! 

Having a bad day? Share in the group and let the guys pick you up to get back on track.

Things going well? Celebrate and inspire others to up their game. This environment is essential if you want to be a success.
You Will Not Get This Much Value From ANY Other Programme In This Sector!
How Doing This Will Change Your Life
Lose more than 10 KG, improve your cholesterol, reduce your risk of diabetes and heart disease so you can have peace of mind, be there for your family for the long term, have energy and live well.
Transform your mindset to feel less stressed and more positive. Experience increased confidence with or without your top on by losing the gut and become a better role model for your kids to live a positive, healthy lifestyle.
Improve the quality of your life by being able to do more of what you enjoy, live an active lifestyle, feel more attractive to your partner and be the man your family deserve you to be, proud of their Dad in every way!
Are You My Ideal Client To Work With?
If the below matches you, it's highly likely that we will have an excellent fit for our services and approach. Applying guarantees a conversation with our team but doesn't guarantee you'll be accepted unless we are 100% confident we can genuinely help you. Is this you?
👍 You Are Committed To The Outcome

To be successful, you must be willing to do what it takes to change your life. Changing needs to be a must because continuing on your current path or remaining the same is not an option for you anymore, that is why we only work with clients for a minimum of 12 weeks.

👍 Getting Results Is A Priority For You

To go from unfit, unhealthy, overweight and unhappy to the quality of life you dream of requires you to make yourself a priority, knowing that you are no.1 because in reality, by not putting yourself first you understand that your life (and family) are actually worse off as a result. 

👍 You Are Willing To Learn New Things

There is a lot of conflicting information online, although we are in the age of information... must of it isn't good quality since reality TV stars are now giving out 'health advice' and professional health care givers are not up to date with what actually works, this means being open and coachable.

👍 You Are Wanting To Be Accountable

If you want to win, you need to be accountable. That means someone watching over your shoulder, being there to support your choices, this means owning your situation even when things get hard and allowing your coaches to help you overcome anything that life throws at you. 

👍 You Want Implementation Not Just Information

Did your £50 a month gym membership motivate you to take action? Probably not, but neither will a £10 ebook, YouTube, a diet plan or the latest app which offers information without implementation. You understand that by having a coach to support you and an implementation based programme that has a proven track record, you'll achieve more in 90 days that most Dads will in years because action changes things (A.C.T).

👍 You Want Value & Are Investment Minded

You see working with us as an investment in your health and future which delivers genuine results and value because you know your health and the quality of your life are something worth focusing on.
These Dads Took Action & Transformed
Don't take my word for it... here is the proof from real Dads from all over the UK!
Craig Delaney says "Ultimate Dad is the best thing that ever happened to me! I was stressed out and over eating. I've got an education and lost around 5 inches off my waist and over 15.8 KG."
Ricky Hodge says "I have done lots of training but was training wrongly, this was the missing pieces of the puzzle. This is brilliant, what a revelation! I finished at a 12.3 KG loss, what more can you ask for!"
Mark Gillam says "I was eating too many take aways and the weight piled on. When Stefano told me I would lose the 20 KG, I didn't believe him. I feel so much more energised and confidence, life is good!"
Robert Walker says "The doctors said I would be on pills for life. I've lost 10 inches off my belly, lowered my blood pressure to normal ranges and over 19.5 KG, it's the best thing I've ever done in my life."
Nigel Furey says "I had piled on the pounds over the years, fad diets, shakes, gyms, running all failed miserably. Luckily I was accepted on this programme and it was the best decision of my life losing 20 KG!"
Steve Dennis says "I run my own business and am always travelling which makes it hard to take care of yourself. This is an education and the programme is fantastic with proper support, I lost over 14 KG."
Andew Malcolm says "I started this big with a busy stressful job, the weight increased over many years. I'm now back on track and the best thing here is the accountability + mind set leading to a 16 KG loss!"
Dan Feritto says "I was feeling really low and now I am feeling amazing, it's made a massive difference to my life and how to live it in the right way. It's been an amazing journey and I've lost over 12.7 KG."
Chris Hill says "I was in a rut, lethargic and overweight. Since signing up, I've lost over 15 KG and it really has been life changing. The support is incredible, the changes in me are absolutely amazing!"
Frank Faber says "I lost confidence, especially at work around colleagues. I was doing gym work which wasn't working. I have lost over 15 KG and my wife has a new appreciation for me, it's amazing."
This Is What Happens When You Implement The Ultimate Dad Method Into Your Life In 90 Days Or Less
Mark Gillam says "I didn't believe Stefano when he told me I could lose all of my weight, I have lost 10 inches off my stomach and I feel absolutely amazing, don't make excuses, do it! Thank you Stefano."
Paul Rose says "I was quite overweight, liked my take aways and beer and didn't have energy. I have a lot more energy now, feel better in myself and the programme is very easy to follow, brilliant support 100%"
Darren White says "My friends are shocked about how much I have changed, it makes you feel amazing. I've reversed my diabetes and have more energy for my kids and work, we all love it!"
Frank Faber Says "I feel so much better, with this programme you can take back control of your life, everything I knew about diets was totally wrong. If I could do it all over again, I would!"
Andile Bob says "Stefano made me realise, I didn't have to accept being big anymore, that I could change now I am a better role model for my kids. I would recommend this programme to every Dad out there!"
Leigh O'Reilly says "My waist line was getting bigger due to fad diets, nothing was giving me long term results. Now I am able to run around with the kids and have seen progressive results week on week". 
Andrew Malcolm says "If you are serious about sorting out your weight problems, join this. It's the most inclusive programme I have ever done and have lost 16 KG, I am so glad that I did it!"
Dave Brisbone says "I wasn't exercising and was struggling mentally to do anything, I am actually amazing with the results which is better than achieved in 12 months at the gym with a 16.3 KG loss". 
Chris Phillips says "My diet was getting out of control and I was feeling very uncomfortable. This has been completely amazing, this is a great habit forming programme and I am now ready for anything in life"
Lee Cunningham says "I have tried many different methods and programmes to lose weight, nothing worked. Now I feel much better, am running around with the kids again and feel a lot more confident!"
Ready To Transform Your Life? Click Below To Get Started...
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You Can Have The Body, Health & Life You Want
If you are willing to put in the work, be committed and invest in yourself, you can transform your life!
Craig Burgees says "I've lost over 15 KG and my general well being has improved so much, I can't recommend the programme enough, it's well worth it and you can guarantee great results."
Daniel O'Callaghan says "It has changed the way I think about food, life, everything... I've lost over 15 KG it's the best programme for losing weight out there, I really can't praise it enough!"
Dean Jopson says "With the help of Stefano and the group I have lost over 12 KG, I feel great and top of the world. You never get sick of people asking have you lost weight? This is more than a diet, it's mindset too."
Lee Cunningham says "I feel confident in my own body, my wife sees a huge improvement in my lifestyle. I have lost over 13 KG, believe me this works, believe in Stefano and you'll succeed.
Chris Mitchell says "I've suffered with depression, poor focus and my relationships were strained. This is one of the best decisions I have made in a very long time! I've lost 12.5 KG and can't recommend it enough."
Chris Phillips says "I was tired and was eating for convenience which made me feel uncomfortable. This has been completely amazing and have lost over 11 KG. I am ready for life with my kids moving forward."
Andile Bob says "I didn't have much expectations on this as I've always been big but I'd recommend this programme to every Dad! I've lost 12.7 KG, Stefano has made me believe in myself inspiring my kids too."
Craig Vincent says "I started this just after Christmas was horrified at the scales. The people are fantastic in this, I've lost 19 KG and Stefano is constructive with your best interests at heart, highly recommended!"
Darren Morley says "My friends are shocked about how much I have changed, I lost over 12 KG and it makes you feel amazing. I've reversed my diabetes and have more energy for my kids and work, we all love it!"
Paulie Simons says "This is the greatest decision I have ever made. I lost over 13 KG and it has helped me to get fitter and play with my 3 kids plus walk without back pain. I am so glad I took this, it's changed my life"
These Dads Applied My System & Transformed
John Pearson says "I feel great, I can fit into all of my old clothes and had to get a new wardrobe. It was expensive but so worth it! Take the plunge, Stefano get's results week in week out "
Chris Horne says "I became the heaviest I have ever been and knew something needed to change. This is the right programme for Dads who just want to make positive changes, I feel like I am a better Dad now."
Andrew Johns says "This is an awesome, life changing programme. I was down in the dumps, I have not only lost weight but I was promoted at work to manager too, I look and feel good, my whole life has changed!"
Mick Audley says "I tried other programmes such as the Body Coach which didn't work due to lack of support. This is the best thing I have ever done in regards to my health, just do it you won't regret it." 
Ian To says "I was getting bigger and snacked on convenience food. I don't think I could have achieved these results without the help of Ultimate Dad. I highly recommend this and see you on the programme!"
Simon Blewitt says "The whole family have adopted the JERF lifestyle, even my mum and Dad! This is a life changing programme that will help ANY Dad take back control of their health, energy & life"
Mark Armstrong says "I didn't want to lose too much, this not only gives real results fast but also provides all the support and encouragement you'll ever need, I lost 11.2kg and 16cm from the belly."
Steve D'Arcy says "It's the best health and lifestyle decision I have ever made, I've lost 13 KG and I feel great. My resting heart rate and blood pressure are all much lower, this provides real tangible results."
Robert Walker says "I was told I would be on heart medication for life, this programme has changed my life! It's sorted my head out and it works, send Stefano a message and get on this"
Paul Barrett says "This is one of the best decisions I have ever made, it just goes to show that even in your 50's, you can still get an amazing result with the right knowledge and tools from Stefano."
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