You'll Learn:

🔥 Where most Dads (including you) have gone wrong - And how to fix it.

🔥 The Exact System we've used to help over 400 Dads keep the weight off long term, improve their health and feel body confident again for their family without restrictive diets or time consuming workouts.

🔥 The best strategies to save time whilst getting results (because you're a busy Dad, right?) 

🔥 The opportunity to claim your personalised coaching call & join our 90 day coaching programme if you are ready & serious to transform your body, health & energy without starving yourself or going to the gym.
Dear Dad,

If you're here to finally lose weight and keep it off long term, have more energy for your kids and be a role model, improve your health so you can be be around for your family and finally have that body confidence back again...


Pay attention.

You’re about to discover exactly why most Dads out there are falling apart, quietly, alone, without any real shot of changing and creating a lifestyle for themselves and their families.

If you keep reading you’ll come to realise that there are 3 KEY THINGS that have been neglected, and in turn has led to a lot of pain and regret.

It's hard balancing work, family time, you time and your health & wellness goals as a man and father, let's be honest here... most fail to get in shape and keep the results long term! 

In fact most Dads lose the same 5 KG's over and over again never truly moving forward. You've tried all the 'usual' routes such as:

❌ Shakes and Detoxes
❌ Diets (Keto, Weight Watchers, Slimming World, the list goes on)
❌ Gym Memberships
❌ Fasting (basically starving yourself)
❌ Personal Trainers
❌ The next shiny object around the corner…
❌ Motivational videos or quotes

You're left feeling like a failure even more and excuses come up because deep down, you don't believe in yourself.

In an attempt to “fix” your problems, other things start surfacing becoming apparent.

Your connection with your wife or partner isn't quite what it used to be because you've let yourself go. 

You struggle to keep up with the kids because you feel tired and lethargic. 

You worry about your health in the future and not being able to provide or be there for your family. 

And you feel like you are on 'the weight loss merry go round' leaving you feeling frustrated...

So what’s your plan to actually solve this problem that's probably been going on for years?

To repeat the same old things that have failed you again?

Going it alone without nobody fighting in your corner? 

Self motivation hasn’t worked and when left to your own devices the result has led to you being right here right now reading this letter, hasn’t it?

Pretty much every Dad know's that big portions, bad food, alcohol and not exercising is not good for them, yet they continue to indulge in these bad habits or they chase quick fixes that don’t last for more than a few weeks.

There is a growing health epidemic that is desperate for a real solution and here's why you should consider taking action.

👉 Diabetes is up by 65% in the UK and 80% of sufferers are on medication for life leading to damage of internal organs, loss of 'mojo' and doubling the risk of a heart attack. In fact, men with a waist of 35 inches or above are 5 times more likely to develop diabetes despite having a 'healthy' BMI since belly fat is the true measure of risk. 

👉 Over 90,000 people per year die from a heart attack, in fact visceral fat between the organs is a hidden risk releasing toxins in the body even if that person isn't very overweight. 

👉 With age it get's harder and harder to get back in shape due to a slowing of the metabolism and a loss of lean muscle mass which is why there is a specific formula to follow for men over 30.

These stats above clearly reveal the truth which clearly shows that maybe there's more to it than simply eating less and moving more to finally get in good shape and health again.
Understanding these 3 problems right now in your life will give you more understanding than you’ve ever had before, and from there, you can then create CLARITY. 

With this clarity you will see what’s possible to turn it all around once and for all.

But you need to read on and pay close attention.
You don't need another fad diet, protein powder or slimming pills. 

Or to spend hours running on the treadmill or starving yourself trying to skip meals or eating like a rabbit. 

Consider this one truth...

That you haven’t completely opened up to owning the situation and where you are right here right now. 

Keeping your head buried in your work and ignoring how your life is being impacted doesn't mean it isn't happening even though it's easy to do as a busy Dad.

You keep saying 'I'll start tomorrow'. 

You repeat the same old exercises and 'diets' that leave 92% of people failing in the first 4 weeks.

Putting your hand up, being clear on where your life is at the moment and who it's impacting is your first step. 

That means truly considering how your health, your relationship, your kids, your happiness and even your work is being impacted because you aren't prioritising yourself and would will happen if you don't change.

From there, being laser focused on the outcomes you desire and establishing a roadmap to get there.

Because right now, you’re sweeping things under the rug, turning a blind eye to it all. 

This is going to come back and bite you but then, it’s too late…

Right now you may be saying “I can do it, I’ve got my goals set and I will start tomorrow. I will, you watch coach…”

Great, so what’s your roadmap?

Whats your action plan?

How will you specifically get there in a different way that isn't currently working? (because if it did, you wouldn't need help). 

Which takes us to Problem #2
See, you can talk about training programs and nutrition plans but it's still not going to solve your problem if you don't consistently implement it and there isn't a specific game plan created around your personal goals that you can truly believe in so you go ALL IN. 

So you try a gym, hardly go...

You try shakes or starving yourself, drop some weight, can’t handle the liquids and restrictive eating. 

You try following YouTube workouts but exercising alone doesn't do the trick and you lose interest quickly.

Or another fad diet, not sustainable like cutting our carbs forever... how long will that last?
Personal trainers, maybe? 

1 hour session then you go home, got a sweat up, and what about the other 165 hours of the week or the lack of nutritional guidance which is what really matters? Good luck...

Paleo, Keto, advice from friends, motivational quotes you look up or youtube clips from 'dieting guru's' with more information that sounds great but you don't implement?

Ahh the initial motivation gives you temporary certainty in yourself only to fall apart again 24 hours later because old habits die hard, right?

You want to know what everything above has in common?


Would Joe Wicks personally check up with you or jump on a call to help you? Not a chance.

Does anyone really understand what you are going through in a huge 'support group' where there's women, young guys and everyone else who have nothing in common with you? 

How could you ever have success with something that doesn’t know who you are, what your challenges are as a father and man, your work, your stress levels, precious family time and commitments, time spare to structure routines, give daily feedback and keep you accountable to continue moving forward with success?

And if you’ve read this far this brings us to Problem #3
This is what most Dads will say...

"I already know what to do so I'll just do it myself"

But that doesn't really work out because good intentions never seem to bear fruit because the reality is, change is challenging otherwise why are you here reading this, right?

Because what’s happening now?

Alarm goes off, snooze, sluggish, roll out of bed, skip the workout you know you should do, on with the day, live on stimulants/coffee, work takes most of your physical and mental time up, eat whatever is easy and convenient at lunch, get home, no energy for the family, short tempered, TV and the couch sucks more of your time (that you never get back), few alcoholic drinks and more food than you know you should consume (because you didn't eat enough in the day), your partner and you ignore the lack of physical intimacy whilst you feel disconnected, roll into bed, alarm goes off... 


But there's always Monday to make a fresh start right? 

Maybe you feel like it's not too late (yet) and there's always tomorrow.

But when that lightbulb moment comes... it's already too late.

Maybe I can’t even help you then. 

And there's yet to be a programme that rivals the results in the UDT system to this very day.

Yours stories, belief systems, feelings and reasons are currently holding you back and you feel stuck with no real ideas, answers, resolve or energy to pull yourself out to be a leaner, healthier, happier and better version of yourself.

The longer you wait makes your chances of getting back to your prime again lower with each passing day, week, month and year because deep down inside, you feel like you aren't really showing up for yourself and for your family as the man and Dad you know you could be.

Maybe this is a bitter pill to swallow that you aren't where you intended to be even though you've tried and failed alone but the truth is that you have a choice to either make things better or allow them to get worse.

Your reasons for putting things off will never equal or be more important than your reasons to find a real solution and finally get the results you desire.

So this is it ✋.

If you’ve read this far, I know you’ve had enough. 

I know you want to change and you know you need to step up your game.

I know you understand what I’m saying and MUST find your answer and it's this...

You’ll draw the line in the sand and set clear outcomes (together) and deadlines in which you MUST achieve them.

... instead of another list of goals and resolutions that never happen.

You’ll have a CRYSTAL CLEAR Roadmap to put you on the path to finally be a lean, health and confident role model again - becoming a high energy, fat burning machine.

... instead of the next “quick fix” or diet that is crushing your spirit.

And MOST importantly, you will have the environment, coaching and support set in place to engage with, to draw inspiration and accountability, and to KEEP TAKING ACTION. 

The 100 other Dads, 2 Coaches, everyone in your corner instead of isolating yourself and giving up, again.

→ This time you get back on the horse more often and faster than ANYONE else ever will.

The RESULT? – The goals and desires you’ve spent years and years chasing will be realised and reached with Ultimate Dad Transformation in place to ensure the best environment with integrity and culture in other Dads and coaches to MOVE YOUR FORWARD.

Every. Single. Day.

Sure you will have challenging moments, we all do. 

But with UDT behind you, the wind in your sail, your shipwrecks are over.

The destination is there to be reached. It’s time to go get it.

Each month, we only take on 10 committed Dads who we can guarantee results for or your money back. 

- If you’re a Dad ready to invest in himself to get real, long term results.

- If you’re a Dad ready to be a role model and lead his life and his family.

- And if you're a Dad willing to put in the work and create a SUSTAINABLE change for life.

Then this is for YOU.

But I must warn you...

We DO NOT work with everyone.

You’ve got to show that you’re committed and ready to go which is why there's an application process to determine if this is a fit and if it is...

I’ll personally guarantee to deliver results.

Your path to freedom lies below.

I look forward to speaking with you which can you do by applying to join our next transformation. 

Your Coach,

- Stefano Chiriaco
We will give you all of the tools, support, accountability, and coaching to transform you into the confident Dad you know you can become!


All hosted on our online membership site which takes the guesswork out of weight-loss for Dads looking to reclaim their health, energy and fit into their old clothes to feel confident when they look in the mirror. 

This is a proven 90 day step by step blueprint that has transformed more than 400 Dads lives since 2016.


Simple at home workout workouts with a single tool and complete bodyweight workout library that fits in around your busy schedule as a Dad.

It takes just 30 minutes, 3 times per week to see results since most of the work is done through nutrition since it's easy to eat 300 cals less than it is to burn it off!


No more trying to figure out what to eat! Learn which foods help you to accelerate fat burning and which foods to avoid that sabotage your results! 

There are 3 phases which the fat burning phase, the performance phase and the sustainability phase which goes through all the science behind engineering results.

Our habit based system requires little prep and no calorie counting either, works even if you don't have time to cook since our cheat sheets show you what to grab when out!


If you don't upgrade your identity and mindset, you'll still operate within the same thinking that's holding you back. 

Our 7 step system will plug your life with a new internal operating system that puts your health, energy, motivation, confidence, and well-being above all else.

You'll finally learn the habits, rituals and routines that will take your stress levels down and create purpose to your day.

This will make sure that you not only get life-changing results but actually maintain them long-term (for perhaps the first time ever and only with UDT).


All these Dads want to finally achieve their fitness goals, and each member of our coaching community will be there to motivate and support you to dominate your daily schedule and stay motivated throughout this plan.

You won’t be doing this coaching program alone.

You can share your struggles and successes with throughout this transformative process.

By surrounding you with other driven Dads who are all looking to make a change, this will give shortcut your pathway to success.


You’ll get your workout and nutrition regime will be tracked within the support group to track and measure your results, making sure that you’re on target for your fitness goals.

Plus you'll get access to live workouts, Q&A sessions with coach Stefano to get personal feedback, regular motivational coaching that focuses on removing roadblocks, challenges and excuses so you can finally be the role model and leader that gets results! 

I'm Stefano Chiriaco also known as 'The Dads Coach' and creator of the UK's #1 online transformation programme for Dads which has changed 100's of lives already, as you'll see below the results have been phenomenal (this page is full of proof).
I am also a proud husband to Rita and father of 2 little dudes, Dominic and Marco so I know the struggles of juggling work, family time and personal goals which can be challenging... especially if you haven't got the right tools.
Apart from 16 + successful years in the industry, I was awarded as Great Britain's Official Personal Trainer Of The Year, have presented for SKY TV, been sponsored by an international sports brand (USN) and have featured in close to EVERY mainstream magazine (some proof below) you can think of for my professionalism, excellence and transformations...
Winning GB Official Personal Trainer Of The Year At The IFS Awards
Published Writer In Men's Fitness Magazine & Many Other Publications
Special Guest At Body Power
Mens Fitness Magazine Editorial
Healthy For Men Magazine Editorial
Celebrity Coach
Speaker At Best You Expo
Interview On Smillion Mori's Warrior Family
If you want to finally be happy in your own skin, live a long life free of chronic disease, see your kids grow up and have energy to have quality time with them, perform better at work, in your relationships and in life then the time is now.

If anyone understands, it's me (pictured below). After my energy, my fitness, my body confidence and self belief fell apart gaining more than 10 KG (and losing a lot of muscle) due to living an unhealthy lifestyle, I decided to take action and by documenting my process over 90 days (and beyond), I created a system that's helped over 400 Dads get back to their prime since 2016 (there is a LOT of proof below). 
Craig Delaney says "Ultimate Dad is the best thing that ever happened to me! I was stressed out and over eating. I've got an education and lost around 5 inches off my waist and over 15.8 KG."
Ricky Hodge says "I have done lots of training but was training wrongly, this was the missing pieces of the puzzle. This is brilliant, what a revelation! I finished at a 12.3 KG loss, what more can you ask for!"
Mark Gillam says "I was eating too many take aways and the weight piled on. When Stefano told me I would lose the 20 KG, I didn't believe him. I feel so much more energised and confidence, life is good!"
Robert Walker says "The doctors said I would be on pills for life. I've lost 10 inches off my belly, lowered my blood pressure to normal ranges and over 19.5 KG, it's the best thing I've ever done in my life."
Nigel Furey says "I had piled on the pounds over the years, fad diets, shakes, gyms, running all failed miserably. Luckily I was accepted on this programme and it was the best decision of my life losing 20 KG!"
Steve Dennis says "I run my own business and am always travelling which makes it hard to take care of yourself. This is an education and the programme is fantastic with proper support, I lost over 14 KG."
Andew Malcolm says "I started this big with a busy stressful job, the weight increased over many years. I'm now back on track and the best thing here is the accountability + mind set leading to a 16 KG loss!"
Dan Feritto says "I was feeling really low and now I am feeling amazing, it's made a massive difference to my life and how to live it in the right way. It's been an amazing journey and I've lost over 12.7 KG."
Chris Hill says "I was in a rut, lethargic and overweight. Since signing up, I've lost over 15 KG and it really has been life changing. The support is incredible, the changes in me are absolutely amazing!"
Frank Faber says "I lost confidence, especially at work around colleagues. I was doing gym work which wasn't working. I have lost over 15 KG and my wife has a new appreciation for me, it's amazing."
Mark Gillam says "I didn't believe Stefano when he told me I could lose all of my weight, I have lost 10 inches off my stomach and I feel absolutely amazing, don't make excuses, do it! Thank you Stefano."
Paul Rose says "I was quite overweight, liked my take aways and beer and didn't have energy. I have a lot more energy now, feel better in myself and the programme is very easy to follow, brilliant support 100%"
Darren White says "My friends are shocked about how much I have changed, it makes you feel amazing. I've reversed my diabetes and have more energy for my kids and work, we all love it!"
Frank Faber Says "I feel so much better, with this programme you can take back control of your life, everything I knew about diets was totally wrong. If I could do it all over again, I would!"
Andile Bob says "Stefano made me realise, I didn't have to accept being big anymore, that I could change now I am a better role model for my kids. I would recommend this programme to every Dad out there!"
Leigh O'Reilly says "My waist line was getting bigger due to fad diets, nothing was giving me long term results. Now I am able to run around with the kids and have seen progressive results week on week". 
Andrew Malcolm says "If you are serious about sorting out your weight problems, join this. It's the most inclusive programme I have ever done and have lost 16 KG, I am so glad that I did it!"
Dave Brisbone says "I wasn't exercising and was struggling mentally to do anything, I am actually amazing with the results which is better than achieved in 12 months at the gym with a 16.3 KG loss". 
Chris Phillips says "My diet was getting out of control and I was feeling very uncomfortable. This has been completely amazing, this is a great habit forming programme and I am now ready for anything in life"
Lee Cunningham says "I have tried many different methods and programmes to lose weight, nothing worked. Now I feel much better, am running around with the kids again and feel a lot more confident!"
The average Dad who join's UDT has struggled with their weight for many years and is currently overweight or even obese. 

Continuing on this path is a surefire way to have health problems such as diabetes, be at high risk of a stroke and live a life of poor confidence and not believing in yourself anymore which has an impact on your whole life.

My clients tell me that they believe their wife doesn't find them attractive anymore, that their kids make fun of their weight, that they are losing hope to ever being in shape again because it's too hard. 

But the truth is, all of that can change if you take a stand for the life you want to create and get some help. 

If you have an issue with your finances, you see an advisor. 

With your marriage, you see a counsellor. 

With your bad back, you see a doctor. 

And with your health, energy, fitness and body confidence... you see a COACH. 

You need to understand that years and years of bad habits will not be fixed with a quick weight loss diet or simply taking action when you are 'in the zone' for a few weeks, you'll need to get coaching, support, accountability and a real plan of action in place. 

If it was easy, you wouldn't be reading this right now.

You wouldn't have scrolled all the way down to HERE. 

Binge eating, weight gain, excess alcohol, shouting at your kids, arguments with your wife or partner... these are all symptoms of a bigger issue. 

These are symptoms of stress, no motivation, anxiety, depression, no life balance, feeling lost, lacking purpose and LIFE getting in the way. 

This is a battle of mental and not physical so if you do not change your mindset and where you are mentally it is going to become very hard to get where you want to be physically.

Our coaching application call will be figuring out exactly why you have struggled with your weight and/or health and what it is going to take to get to truly transform in 90 days and for life. 
Craig Burgees says "I've lost over 15 KG and my general well being has improved so much, I can't recommend the programme enough, it's well worth it and you can guarantee great results."
Daniel O'Callaghan says "It has changed the way I think about food, life, everything... I've lost over 15 KG it's the best programme for losing weight out there, I really can't praise it enough!"
Dean Jopson says "With the help of Stefano and the group I have lost over 12 KG, I feel great and top of the world. You never get sick of people asking have you lost weight? This is more than a diet, it's mindset too."
Lee Cunningham says "I feel confident in my own body, my wife sees a huge improvement in my lifestyle. I have lost over 13 KG, believe me this works, believe in Stefano and you'll succeed.
Chris Mitchell says "I've suffered with depression, poor focus and my relationships were strained. This is one of the best decisions I have made in a very long time! I've lost 12.5 KG and can't recommend it enough."
Chris Phillips says "I was tired and was eating for convenience which made me feel uncomfortable. This has been completely amazing and have lost over 11 KG. I am ready for life with my kids moving forward."
Andile Bob says "I didn't have much expectations on this as I've always been big but I'd recommend this programme to every Dad! I've lost 12.7 KG, Stefano has made me believe in myself inspiring my kids too."
Craig Vincent says "I started this just after Christmas was horrified at the scales. The people are fantastic in this, I've lost 19 KG and Stefano is constructive with your best interests at heart, highly recommended!"
Darren Morley says "My friends are shocked about how much I have changed, I lost over 12 KG and it makes you feel amazing. I've reversed my diabetes and have more energy for my kids and work, we all love it!"
Paulie Simons says "This is the greatest decision I have ever made. I lost over 13 KG and it has helped me to get fitter and play with my 3 kids plus walk without back pain. I am so glad I took this, it's changed my life"
Kevin Storr says "This is the only thing that has ever worked for me, I used to rely on cycling but I wasn't getting the results I expected for that amount of exercise, UDT is a game changer and I'm a new man"
Chris Horne says "I became the heaviest I have ever been and knew something needed to change. This is the right programme for Dads who just want to make positive changes, I feel like I am a better Dad now."
Andrew Johns says "This is an awesome, life changing programme. I was down in the dumps, I have not only lost weight but I was promoted at work to manager too, I look and feel good, my whole life has changed!"
Mick Audley says "I tried other programmes such as the Body Coach which didn't work due to lack of support. This is the best thing I have ever done in regards to my health, just do it you won't regret it." 
Ian To says "I was getting bigger and snacked on convenience food. I don't think I could have achieved these results without the help of Ultimate Dad. I highly recommend this and see you on the programme!"
Simon Blewitt says "The whole family have adopted the JERF lifestyle, even my mum and Dad! This is a life changing programme that will help ANY Dad take back control of their health, energy & life"
Mark Armstrong says "I didn't want to lose too much, this not only gives real results fast but also provides all the support and encouragement you'll ever need, I lost 11.2kg and 16cm from the belly."
Steve D'Arcy says "It's the best health and lifestyle decision I have ever made, I've lost 13 KG and I feel great. My resting heart rate and blood pressure are all much lower, this provides real tangible results."
Robert Walker says "I was told I would be on heart medication for life, this programme has changed my life! It's sorted my head out and it works, send Stefano a message and get on this"
Paul Barrett says "This is one of the best decisions I have ever made, it just goes to show that even in your 50's, you can still get an amazing result with the right knowledge and tools from Stefano."
I get it, you've tried everything else and it didn't work however you'll not find another system that produces dependable results like this no matter what you are promised but don't take my word for it...

Here's what my client Peter (who has lost over 40 KG with me to date) says about working with me who has struggled with his weight all of his life, he's tried keto, fasting, not eating, supplements & even 2 hour gym sessions and nothing else has worked apart from UDT. 
You only have two options, one is continue to struggle alone with being accountable, without support or a plan and keep saying 'tomorrow', telling yourself 'nothing works' or that 'you're busy' which is the same thinking that's keeping you stuck.

The other (better) option is to have a conversation that could literally change your life...

Hit the link below, schedule in your call and together we can come up with a game changing plan for you to finally win. 

If it makes sense to work together, great we can do that! If not, you'll get plenty of clarity and value on the call that you can run with alone. Please bear in mind, you will ONLY be offered an opportunity to join if we believe we can help. 

👉 No more wasting time, energy and money on products and services that do not work.

👉 No more 'asking friends for advice' or silly fads that damage your metabolism and make it harder to lose weight.

👉 No more trying to figure it out or struggling alone when you have a proven method that's helped over 400 Dads change their life.

Your life is a product of your decisions, you've seen the results and you are reading this for a reason so maybe it's take action and get booked in and we will follow up with you shortly to fill you in with the next steps...
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