All Without Starving Yourself Or Going To The Gym...

From The Desk of Stefano Chiriaco, October 2020

Dear Dad,

If you struggle to lose weight, feel fit and be in control of your health …regardless of what you've tried before (because this is different), this is the most important letter you’ll read today.

I'll show you why in a minute.

My name is Stefano Chiriaco and I’m the coach that Dads go to when they need help losing weight, getting fit, healthy & body confident again.

In case you’ve never heard of me, here’s why I’m qualified to tell you about how you can become our next success story… when you follow my advice:

👉 Over the past few years, I’ve advised, mentored and have been directly responsible for more than 400 Dads with the Ultimate Dad Method changing their life.

👉 My methods, advertisements, TV appearances, writing and coaching have been seen by people all over the world and I’ve impacted over hundreds of thousands of people in my 17 year career. 

👉 I've personally drifted off into the abyss struggling to balance my health with working long hours and spending quality time with my family, I know the real impact of putting yourself last and experiencing the low energy levels, mood swings, excess weight gain and poor health, but it doesn't have to be this way! (more on that shortly). 

👉 And most importantly to YOU, being awarded as the UK's Personal Coach For Great Britain previously, you can trust that you are in great hands when it comes to your health, body and fitness. 

But I’m not writing you today to talk about myself. I want to show you about how I can help you right now! I get it...

You've tried all the 'usual' routes such as:

❌ Shakes and Detoxes
❌ Diets (Keto, Weight Watchers, Slimming World, the list goes on)
❌ Gym Memberships
❌ Fasting (basically starving yourself)
❌ Home Workout Videos
❌ The next shiny object around the corner
❌ Googling information that's conflicting & confusing...

Self motivation hasn’t worked and when left to your own devices the result has led to you being right here right now reading this letter, hasn’t it?

Pretty much every Dad know's that big portions, bad food, alcohol and not exercising is not good for them, yet they continue to indulge in these bad habits or they chase quick fixes that don’t last for more than a few weeks.

You're left feeling like 'nothing works' because you simply do not have the 'will power' to stick to a plan and you secretly reside to the fact that maybe it's not possible to ever get back to where you know you should be physically and mentally.
👉 Diabetes is up by 65% in the UK and 80% of sufferers are on medication for life doubling the risk of a heart attack. Men with a waist of 35 inches or above are 5 times more likely to develop diabetes than someone with a healthy weight.
👉 Despite there being so many options to lose weight, over 90,000 people per year die from a heart attack, in fact visceral fat between the organs is a hidden risk releasing toxins in the body even if that person isn't very overweight. 
👉 Increased levels of insulin and chronic, low-level inflammation which is more common in people who are very overweight and is linked with an increased cancer risk, this can all be minimised through nutrition.
👉 Modern life is the adversary of a healthy, lean & fit body. Long working hours, high stress levels, poor sleep, convenience food and sedentary lifestyles all promote weight gain and poor health whilst mis-information & flawed approaches hold you back.
👉 In reality over 97% of dieters regain any weight lost and then some more, quick fixes most rely on are damaging peoples metabolisms leading to plateaus and even making it harder to lose weight in the future, fad diets do not work.
👉 With age it get's harder to get back in shape due to a slowing metabolism, decreased testosterone and loss of lean muscle mass which is why we use a specific formula for men over 30 giving you the best chance of success FAST.
#1 That hours of exercise is necessary to lose weight. 

America exercises more than any nation in the world and has the most obese population. What does that tell you? Or builders who still have a pot belly despite being active? 

60-80% of energy burned per day is through your base metabolic rate not exercise, abs are made in the kitchen not the gym and exercise itself is less effective than people realise. In fact excessive exercise with a low calorie count slows your metabolism down.

*Our clients exercise for 30 mins, 3 days a week achieving 10-15 KG average weight loss in 90 days.
✋#2 That it's just all about the calories so just eat less. 

Has starving yourself or eating as little as possible ever worked? 

The truth is that any diet that deprives you means you'll self sabotage due to hunger.

Also, diet quality is as much of an important factor as calories.

What and when we eat needs to be focused on more than simply how much we eat and... a diet that satisfies you is one you can stick to without having to rely on will power.

*Our system requires no tracking of calories using our habit based protocol without starving yourself.
✋#3 That eating fat makes you fat and will clog up your heart. 

There are good fats and bad fats, since the 1960's we've been running away fat and the result? More overweight people than ever before due to mis-information from seemingly credible sources. 

This lie has been capitalised on by the food industry, increasing the amount of sugar we've consumed and processed 'healthy' low fat foods which promote weight gain and poor health due to 'filler ingredients'.

*Our clients eat nutritious foods that leave them satisfied and benefit from lower cholesterol/blood pressure.
As you can see the answer to your problem isn't exercising for hours, starving yourself or avoiding foods that satisfy you and help you to feel full. But this is the real issue that truly stops you...

How many times have you said you'll do something but never really get around to doing it?

Putting things off is not going to solve your problem, 'about to' 'I intend to' 'I'll do it when' and simply thinking about things changes nothing at all.

It's just another way to get yourself 'off the hook' of ever having to actually do something about your body, weight and health. 

We've all said it...

'I'll get started tomorrow' 

'I have too much going on with work'

'I just don't have the time right now' 

'Nothing really works for me'

Have you considered that the stories and excuses you make everyday are not entirely true? even a lie?

Consider this for a moment...

1) If you knew how to 'do it yourself' you would have done it by now, anyone can lose weight in the short term but keeping it off long term is where most fail and where you most likely need help.

2) If you are still not where you want to be, then you haven’t completely opened up to owning your situation and the possibility of getting help to achieve your goals.

You haven't truly acknowledged where you are right here, right now which means you aren't making it a priority to change.

It's easier to ignore the truth behind your reasons than face what's really going on, but that keeps you stuck.

The first step is to be honest with yourself...


👉 How is your health currently being affected?

👉 How is your family being affected right now? 

👉 How is your work being affected by this?

👉 Seriously, where will you be in 5 years time if you don't change?

Answering these questions now is vital, if not this is going to come back and bite you but then, maybe it’s too late...
You feel a lack of clarity in how to move forward with things…

You don’t really have a plan of action that produces lasting results…

You are trying to figure it all out and feel confused about what works best...

You experience good days and bad days so feel like you are on the weight loss merry go round.

The thing is…

You know your potential and want to become more for your family.

You are tired of ignoring the truth in your heart that you are unhappy with how you look.

You worry about your health as you get older and if you'll be around long enough for the people you love.

You want your wife to admire how you carry yourself and your kids to look up to you as their role model and hero.

You feel like you've let yourself go and are searching for the way BACK to reclaim your health and body confidence. 

And you know that you need help. 

You've tried many other approaches but have been let down...

And it brought you where you are, today and it's time to finally get off the FENCE of inaction.

The problem? 

You need a PROVEN PLAN of action so you can remove all doubt.

You need something that works around your schedule that's SUSTAINABLE.

You need to be SUPPORTED so you stop giving up. 

You need to be held ACCOUNTABLE so you implement. 

This opportunity has the potential to dramatically change your life.

That’s exactly why I want to get my full-access blueprint in your hand as soon as possible.

I call it 'The Ultimate Dad Method'. 

Inside this blueprint, you’ll discover the steps I’ve used to turn my busy, overweight Dads into fitter, leaner, healthier and more body confident men.


All hosted on our online membership site which takes the guesswork out of weight-loss for Dads looking to reclaim their health, energy and fit into their old clothes to feel confident when they look in the mirror. 

This is a proven 90 day step by step blueprint that has transformed more than 400 Dads lives since 2016.


Simple at home workout workouts with a single tool and complete bodyweight workout library that fits in around your busy schedule as a Dad.

It takes just 30 minutes, 3 times per week to see results since most of the work is done through nutrition since it's easy to eat 300 cals less than it is to burn it off!


No more trying to figure out what to eat! Learn which foods help you to accelerate fat burning and which foods to avoid that sabotage your results! 

There are 3 phases which the fat burning phase, the performance phase and the sustainability phase which goes through all the science behind engineering long term results.

Our habit based system requires little prep and no calorie counting either, works even if you don't have time to cook since our cheat sheets show you what to grab when out!


If you don't upgrade your identity and mindset, you'll still operate within the same thinking that's holding you back. 

Our 6 step system will plug your life with a new internal operating system that puts your health, energy, motivation, confidence, and well-being above all else.

You'll finally learn the habits, rituals and routines that will take your stress levels down and create purpose to your day.

This will make sure that you not only get life-changing results but actually maintain them long-term (for perhaps the first time ever and only with UDT).


All these Dads want to finally achieve their fitness goals, and each member of our coaching community will be there to motivate and support you to dominate your daily schedule and stay motivated throughout this plan.

You won’t be doing this coaching program alone.

You can share your struggles and successes with throughout this transformative process.

By surrounding you with other driven Dads who are all looking to make a change, this will give shortcut your pathway to success.


You’ll get your workout and nutrition regime will be tracked within the support group to track and measure your results, making sure that you’re on target for your fitness goals.

Plus you'll get access to coach Stefano to get personal feedback via 1-2-1 accountability calls, support ticket systems and direct messenger access, no more struggling alone or just being a number in a large group!

Further to this, you'll experience regular motivational coaching/workshops that focuses on education, removing roadblocks, challenges and excuses so you can finally be the role model and leader that gets results! 
❌ Say good bye to having to track your calories using My Fitness Pal (we focus on habits & diet quality)
❌ You won't have to eat like a rabbit or starve yourself
❌ You don't have to exercise for hours or even go to the gym
❌ You won't just get automated emails so help motivate you
❌ You won't be up-sold on £100's of supplements, pills or potions 
❌ You won't be just another number in a generic Facebook 'support group' (we don't use Facebook!)

✅ You'll have a proven roadmap to follow that's worked for 400+ Dads
✅ This is specifically for busy, overweight Dads who are just like you
✅ You'll get real support from us, accountability & coaching to overcome your challenges 
✅ You'll upgrade your mindset impacting your body, health, relationships & work production
✅ This will provide long term, sustainable results which is the most important thing
✅ We are the ONLY (& 1st in the UK) transformation plan for Dads with so many success stories!
✅ You'll get to work with one of the UK's top Personal Coaches (17 years experience) from anywhere in the world
Darren White says "My friends are shocked about how much I have changed, it makes you feel amazing. I've reversed my diabetes and have more energy for my kids and work, we all love it!"
Frank Faber Says "I feel so much better, with this programme you can take back control of your life, everything I knew about diets was totally wrong. If I could do it all over again, I would!"
Mark Gillam says "I didn't believe Stefano when he told me I could lose all of my weight, I have lost 10 inches off my stomach and I feel absolutely amazing, don't make excuses, do it! Thank you Stefano."
Paul Rose says "I was quite overweight, liked my take aways and beer and didn't have energy. I have a lot more energy now, feel better in myself and the programme is very easy to follow, brilliant support 100%"
Andrew Malcolm says "If you are serious about sorting out your weight problems, join this. It's the most inclusive programme I have ever done and have lost 16 KG, I am so glad that I did it!"
Dave Brisbone says "I wasn't exercising and was struggling mentally to do anything, I am actually amazing with the results which is better than achieved in 12 months at the gym with a 16.3 KG loss". 
Chris Phillips says "My diet was getting out of control and I was feeling very uncomfortable. This has been completely amazing, this is a great habit forming programme and I am now ready for anything in life"
Lee Cunningham says "I have tried many different methods and programmes to lose weight, nothing worked. Now I feel much better, am running around with the kids again and feel a lot more confident!"
Kevin Storr says "This is the only thing that has ever worked for me, I used to rely on cycling but I wasn't getting the results I expected for that amount of exercise, UDT is a game changer and I'm a new man"
Chris Horne says "I became the heaviest I have ever been and knew something needed to change. This is the right programme for Dads who just want to make positive changes, I feel like I am a better Dad now."
Andrew Johns says "This is an awesome, life changing programme. I was down in the dumps, I have not only lost weight but I was promoted at work to manager too, I look and feel good, my whole life has changed!"
Mick Audley says "I tried other programmes such as the Body Coach which didn't work due to lack of support. This is the best thing I have ever done in regards to my health, just do it you won't regret it." 
Ian To says "I was getting bigger and snacked on convenience food. I don't think I could have achieved these results without the help of Ultimate Dad. I highly recommend this and see you on the programme!"
Simon Blewitt says "The whole family have adopted the JERF lifestyle, even my mum and Dad! This is a life changing programme that will help ANY Dad take back control of their health, energy & life"
Mark Armstrong says "I didn't want to lose too much, this not only gives real results fast but also provides all the support and encouragement you'll ever need, I lost 11.2kg and 16cm from the belly."
Steve D'Arcy says "It's the best health and lifestyle decision I have ever made, I've lost 13 KG and I feel great. My resting heart rate and blood pressure are all much lower, this provides real tangible results."
Robert Walker says "I was told I would be on heart medication for life, this programme has changed my life! It's sorted my head out and it works, send Stefano a message and get on this"
Paul Barrett says "This is one of the best decisions I have ever made, it just goes to show that even in your 50's, you can still get an amazing result with the right knowledge and tools from Stefano."
Here is what a host of Dads think about Ultimate Dad Transformation and how it's impacted their life...
Still skeptical? Watch the short video above from real Dads around the globe sharing their experience of UDT. 

Do you know the saying that in your moments of decision your destiny is shaped? What will you decide right now to make a change? 

It's either the same thing you’ve been doing so you get the old results leading to where you are right now or will you decide to change your results and get some guidance for the better once and for all?

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